a dear friend of mine called me to tell me about a dream she had...

she was shopping in a shoe department when she looked up to see illya walking in. he looked furious. she asked him what was wrong and he responded,
"i'm leaving sarah!"

when she asked why, he answered,
"...because she's pregnant!"

she was shocked and answered back,
"you can't leave sarah just because she's pregnant, illya!"

to which, he said,
"well, she lied to me & told me it was kidney stones!"

and, thus ended the dream. and, at this point, i was laughing hysterically. why would i lie to him about being pregnant? and why would i give it such a lame cover up?!

she thought maybe her dream was a vision and said,
"maybe this means you're pregnant!"

i told her,
"no, it means that when i do get pregnant, to not lie to my husband and tell him it's kidney stones!"

so, don't worry illya...
i'm not having a baby
...and my kidneys are fine! =)


  The Youngs

10:09 PM

lol! That is hilarious!


3:03 PM

that is soooo funny! yes- please don't lie. it's not a good thing. those kidney stones would last way too long and grow way too big. i think he'd catch on....


6:17 PM

Okay Sarah! There is way too much talk about not having a baby! You know you want one...or two.


1:16 AM

yes, nat, you would think that if i were to lie that i'd come up with something WAY more convincing! and, nicole, i do want baby....in a year or two...or three!