gobble, gobble

happy turkey day!! and why "happy turkey"? because we are having ham for dinner =)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

some lessons i am learning...



smokey hot lips...

reason #304 why i love portland; discovering the amazing foods it has to offer! yes, portland IS weird and we're proud of it! and that pride shows in our food. i mean, of course we would be the ones to think of bacon on doughnuts & put salmon on pizza. so, finding all of these amazing places are addicting. of course, the downside is smaller wallets and wider hips. but, it's worth the sacrifice. another place we decided to try was "hot lips pizza".

they have wickedly good pizzabut what they're known for is...
 their homemade, natural, locally grown and bottled SODA! now, i am not a pop fan. but, this stuff was 

 and, as you can see, i was not the only one loving on them. i even found out they will fill up a growler full of soda for 8 bucks...yep, i'm there.
not so good were the skies driving home. at this point, we had some major forest fires going on near us. as we drove over the columbia river, we saw the smoke hovering above us. yeah, kinda' an icky way to end a happy day, but at least our bellies were full.

my type of market...

i admit it...i am obsessed with farmers markets. there...i said it. 
i, seriously, cannot get enough. i tried to make it there as often as i could for their fresh and local fruits and veggies.
but, let's be honest, they have amazing goodies too!

the farmers at this table said they got a little bored after setting up. as a child of the 80's, i gave them much respect for this...

YELL OOOOOOO!!! go ducks!!...

these are some of THEE best cookies i ever had!! the salty chocolate cookies were a-ma-zing...

shhhhhhh! baby sleeping...

lori doing her impersonation of "squidward"...i'm so glad i'm not the only child-adult i know!

so, now that it's october, the farmers markets are starting to close up shop. where in the world will i go now on saturday mornings for fresh eggplant? or green beans?...or peanut butter creamy crunch cookies?

things you don't see everyday...

"yeah, i really don't need this seat anymore..."

either this is the stupidest spider attaching its' home against a bottle of chemicals made to kill it...or that is the bravest insect i have ever seen!

shucking corn, i pulled back some husks and saw this... who knew corn could have babies?

i've seen some rotten fruit do some nasty crap...but i have never seen one implode before!

how did this water drop land and make this shape? it's as cute as a button! ha!...get it?...fine, don't laugh. 

i'm just full of wisdom...

so, as soon as our dental insurance kicked in, i made an appointment with a local dentist because i had all 4, yes all 4 of my wisdom teeth that needed to be taken out. it got to the point where i couldn't bite down without making a hole in my cheek
yeah, fun times!
i counted down the days! i couldn't wait. it was like Christmas morning for me.

i think the worst part was the numbing up...i really hate that feeling. that and the sound of the tooth being ripped out.
that. was. creepy.

and this was me, just after getting them pulled, mouth full of cotton. 

the cool part was, they let me KEEP MY TEETH!! they are so awesome to look at. i made everyone in the office look at them, like a proud mama with her babies. the bad part? a few weeks after they came out, my one gum was swollen and hurting. when i was trying to flush whatever that was in there that was causing the pain, i saw this fly out...

yep, that would be a piece of a tooth!! a piece of tooth that was stuck in my gum for weeks. yep. just my luck.
but, at least i don't bite holes in my cheeks anymore. 

ahoy, matey!

ever leave a place and think to yourself (or say out loud),
"*sigh* can we please go back there soon?"
this was black butte, oregon, an amazing resort illya and i went to with my mom and step father (or, as i like to call him "step daddy wayne") for 4 amazing days. we did many activities, including introducing my mom and illya to the very zen activity that is canoeing

now, i haven't done this IN YEARS! but, it all came back to me the minute my paddle hit the water. once i gave him a few tips, illya did very well...

my mom, not so much...you could hear her screaming from the other side of the lake,
"wayne!! we're about to hit the shore! what do i do?!"
why is it that, in these situations, my mothers panic makes my laugh?

as we got out of the boat, illya said,
"i'm ready to go canoeing again!"