valentines daze...

what a great weekend! we decided to go with some of our best friends, heather & geoff kahl, to redmond, oregon. we stayed at this amazing spa/golf resort called "eagle crest". it was so awesome
(even pres. obama stayed there!)

there was too much to do there to cram into one weekend. but, we still did a lot. swam in the heated outside pool and jacuzzi
(which felt really good when the outside temperatures were at the freezing levels),
relaxed in their sauna and ate in their restaurant. but, mostly...

we played in their game room! ha! it wasn't much, but it sure entertained us for quite awhile!

here is heather & illya playing a game a pool. as you can see below, it didn't go well for poor illya
(on the plus side, it came down to the 8 ball)!

...and yes, we ARE children!...

we also went into bend & sisters oregon for sightseeing. here is this amazing spot in we found on our way to sisters. it was so beautiful, we HAD to stop & get some shots.

so, i hope you ALL had the chance to spread the love on this
amazing valentines day!

illya and i agreed before hand that this trip would be our present to each other. but, my husband couldn't stop himself from surprising me with some of my favorite chocolates and a hilarious card that came with a "perfect wife" button on it
(which i wore proudly all weekend).
thank you, my funny valentine



3:34 PM

Nothing says true love like surviving and enjoying a trip together!!


2:47 PM

you know- every time i look at your blog you guys are off on some other adventure. it makes me wish i had taken advantage of the days before kids more. now (and then) all we do is sit at home and do nothing. i guess we are just not very adventurous people.....i wish we were more so. looks like a fun time! and beautiful scenery!


6:01 PM

brit, that's how i knew i was going to marry him. the second time i saw him was when we spent 4 weeks together backpacking. after that period of time, if we didn't kill each other and i STILL liked him, then i knew we must get married! =) nat, that's the great thing about oregon...amazing places to see, all within driving distance from your home. does that tempt you to move on up here??