i wonder if his bail was half the size too...

so, illya and i like to joke about living in the ghetto. it seems like living off of a very busy street in portland makes us feel as if we do. but, it does make for an interesting life and some great stories. such as this one the other day...

i heard a siren pulling someone over. i didn't think it was shocking since we hear it all the times. but, it did sound rather close, so i looked out the window and did a double take....

yes, a drunken arrest...shocker!...but, is that?....

yes! that is a mini motorcycle he was driving drunk on!
now, there's something you don't see everyday!
needless to say, i HAD to grab my camera and capture the moment. illya thought it was funny, but my dad and i thought it was hilarious!!

aaaah, only in s.e. portland, people...only in s.e.


  The Paxton Family

1:28 PM

hahaha! i love you guys! this cracks me up! so when are you going to seattle?


12:46 PM

11th-13th (3 days, 2 nights). for an anniversary present, my dad booked us 2 nights at one of his time share hotels. got it for dirt cheap!! interested in a little sight seeing while we're up there? =)


4:15 PM

That is to funny! That's why I DON'T live in Portland anymore. It scares me. Where in SE do you live?


8:49 PM

right off of busy 122nd...we get to hear a lot of interesting things!


8:34 PM

Think positively...the sirens at night are like a lullaby. And at least he wasn't driving drunk and a full motorcycle, so only the little people can get hurt!