...but keep the old...

while we were in seattle, our pensacola apx friends, jordan, naomi & baby makayla, joined us for a day. we had a blast! makayla is such an amazing little 1 year old. she is so content that even illya wants a baby after spending an afternoon with her. i promptly smacked him back into reality, reminding him of a few not-so-pleasant children we know and telling him not all kids are as sweet as her. he was right back on board for not having kids anytime soon! anyway, thank you, paxtons, for coming up on our anniversary trip!!
we love you guys...especially makayla!



12:40 AM

SO cute! looks like you had fun. can't wait for you to call so we can discuss.....


2:46 PM

What a cutie!! Glad you all had fun!!

  The Paxton Family

1:27 AM

She is ADORABLE! And what great parents she must have to be such a great baby, I always say, it's in the genes and how you raise them! ;-) hehehe! We had so much fun, thanks for letting us tag along! We love you!