yet another survey


If you read it, you have to do it.

Five names you go by:

sarah: 1) sarah beara 2) sarochka 3) stupid (gotta' love brotherly love!) 4)sare 5) a name illya calls me that i'm keeping to myself =)

illya: 1) plaksey 2) cactus 3) illusha 4) illukha 5) the ukrainian

Three things you are wearing right now:

sarah: 1) grey zip up hoody 2) navy blue pj bottoms 3) a smile?

illya: 1)grey zip up hoody 2) navy blue shorts 3)socks (...yes, we are matching... no, it wasn't planned)

Three things you want very badly at the moment:

sarah: 1) to win the lottery so i can take a trip around the world 2) to be back into my skinny pants 3) to be done with school before i even started

illya: 1) to get hired on with the union pacific 2) to have some vancouver canucks hockey gear 3) play air hockey with my wife (did we mention we bought an air hockey table this week? gotta' love craigslist!)

Three people who will fill this out:

1)probably 2)no 3) one?

Two things you did last night:

1) we got caught up on "big love" at our friends house (thanks for saving them for us, jenn!)
2) we hopped on both our facebook accounts (...we're obsessed!)

Two things you ate today:

we both had costco hot dogs & we split a churro

People you last talked to on the phone:

sarah: 1) i talked to my boss (did i mention i have some awesome bosses?) 2) i called illya to let him know i was on my way home (not too exciting, huh?)

illya: 1) sarah 2) my mom in ukraine

Two things you are going to do today or already have done:

1) we went to costco and spent WAY too much money!
2) we took lucy to the park to let her run (she may be fast because she's a greyhound, but she's very lazy!... her exercise stint only lasted 5 minutes before she lead the way back to the car!)

Two of the longest road trips:

for both of us, it was our way to florida/virginia and then back to oregon

(sarah: even though, the trip i took with my aunt, her 4 kids, 3 throw up sessions and 1 migraine from tulsa to portland seemed EXTREMELY

Three of your favorite beverages:

sarah: 1) water 2) 100% juices (especially cranberry & pomergranite) 3)iced mochas (i know, i'm a sinner!)

illya: 1) diet coke 2) diet coke 3) diet coke



3:15 AM

I didn't read this, so I don't have to do it.
PS I will be in Portland this weekend. May I can stop over really quick and say hi.