ahoy, matey!

ever leave a place and think to yourself (or say out loud),
"*sigh* can we please go back there soon?"
this was black butte, oregon, an amazing resort illya and i went to with my mom and step father (or, as i like to call him "step daddy wayne") for 4 amazing days. we did many activities, including introducing my mom and illya to the very zen activity that is canoeing

now, i haven't done this IN YEARS! but, it all came back to me the minute my paddle hit the water. once i gave him a few tips, illya did very well...

my mom, not so much...you could hear her screaming from the other side of the lake,
"wayne!! we're about to hit the shore! what do i do?!"
why is it that, in these situations, my mothers panic makes my laugh?

as we got out of the boat, illya said,
"i'm ready to go canoeing again!"


  Piter and Heidi

9:12 AM

Absolutely beautiful!!! I'm not sure I could canoe though....I know the feeling...we just got back from one of those trips...Sigh!

  Naomi Mae

2:10 PM

I can't believe you're getting my hopes up with your blogging again! I miss your guts!
That canoeing looks like so much fun! Seriously!


10:30 AM

FUN you guys! And I could literally HEAR your mom screaming in my head with paniac about the canoe hitting the shore. LOL! Priceless!


1:16 AM

Love love to read your blog and the pictures are amazing..makes me want to go there, so beautiful!
Love and miss you tons tons!


1:36 AM

all of my siblings and spouses had planned a trip about a month ago. it got canceled. i have never been canoeing. am i missing a lot? or will i live? just asking an expert's advise ;)

  Gentry + Vanesa

1:26 PM

I absolutely LOVE your blog. It's so cute!! I love reading your new blogs :) Also, the picture of you and your hubby and the top is sooooo cuuute!!! Love you!

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