laughed so hard, i need to tinkle!...

okay, this bathroom cracked me up so much that i used my phone to take pictures of it. i'm tempted to do the same in my bathroom...i don't think the apartment managers would like it as much as i would, though...


  Momma LaLa

1:07 AM

DO IT ANY WAYS. you're going to have to re paint the apartment so might as well have fun with it

  Hilary and Brian

8:30 AM

Oh my gosh that is soooo funny! Now I want to do it to my bathroom!

  Naomi Mae

10:56 AM

Hahaha! Is it chalkboard paint so you can change out what it says? Did you know they have vinyl strips of chalkboard paint? ...just saying it would be easier than repainting ;-)
I miss you guys :-( seriously! We were talking aboutnwhere we wanted to live and I said within walking distance of the Plaksey's. Does that work for you? :-D
Too bad we still have no idea!

  Michael and Jessica Terry

8:07 PM

oh my goodness that is hilarious, i love it! I could totally see this in your future home someday!


1:34 AM

hehe :D VERY cute!