the sterling silver lining...

traveling to utah for a funeral of a family member who was too young to leave us is never easy. 
but, if we learned anything from his short life here on earth, it is to treasure the beauty around us...

...he taught us to enjoy our friends...

...and family...

...but, most of all, he showed us how important it is to find humor in every situation! 

we love you, ster fry! thanks for being such an amazing example to us all. 


  Naomi Mae

2:29 AM

I'm sorry for your loss!

I love this post and it's beautiful happy sentiment. Every moment matters!

P.S. Love your hair. Miss you tons.


4:47 PM

Love it. Love it. It's going in his Memory Catcher Book- just and FYI. I also may or may not have teared up when I saw pics of me and the girls under both friends and family...Youre the best.

  Hilary and Brian

3:18 PM

I'm so proud that you've posted twice! I misssss you guys so much! We're thinking of moving back to Idaho soon so when we do, we'll have to come visit cause it's not as far from Idaho as it is from Texas! Love ya girl!


1:38 AM

Haven't been to your blog forever, love the post so much about my sweet sweet boy. Thank you so much for coming to Utah to celebrate Sterling's life. Miss you guys and can't wait to see you again...oh and don't forget you can come visit any time!!
Love you!!