i'm just full of wisdom...

so, as soon as our dental insurance kicked in, i made an appointment with a local dentist because i had all 4, yes all 4 of my wisdom teeth that needed to be taken out. it got to the point where i couldn't bite down without making a hole in my cheek
yeah, fun times!
i counted down the days! i couldn't wait. it was like Christmas morning for me.

i think the worst part was the numbing up...i really hate that feeling. that and the sound of the tooth being ripped out.
that. was. creepy.

and this was me, just after getting them pulled, mouth full of cotton. 

the cool part was, they let me KEEP MY TEETH!! they are so awesome to look at. i made everyone in the office look at them, like a proud mama with her babies. the bad part? a few weeks after they came out, my one gum was swollen and hurting. when i was trying to flush whatever that was in there that was causing the pain, i saw this fly out...

yep, that would be a piece of a tooth!! a piece of tooth that was stuck in my gum for weeks. yep. just my luck.
but, at least i don't bite holes in my cheeks anymore. 


  Naomi Mae

3:25 PM

Hooray for dental insurance! Glad that piece of tooth came out though... Could have been WAY worse! Yikes!
Seriously though, I miss your guts! And your entails and all the other parts that make you, you! Lately I have been SO ready to settle down and just be with friends!
And the beach. I really want the beach too ;-)

  Naomi Mae

3:27 PM

Oh and I also wanted to say you are brace for posting pics of yourself post-dentist! I hate that "saggy cheek, drool" feeling!

  Naomi Mae

3:27 PM

And this one is so you have more comments. Because I can :-)

  Hilary and Brian

10:09 PM

I remember getting mine out, but I was lucky and got an oral surgeon and was completely high all day! We need to get Brian's out still so don't tell him you had some tooth fragments still coming out weeks later! Glad everything went good though, could of been worse with dry sockets! P.S. I would love to come to Portland! We're thinking of doing something fun for our anniversary next march, we should either come there or you two should come to New York with us eh?!


1:17 AM

Do you have video, you could send it to Ellen, she loves wisdom teeth videos. The pictures are priceless...
Love you girl!


1:38 AM

that happened to me too. only it was in there for months and months. (like close to a year i think) yuck! but also my gums didn't swell up.

also- love to see you posting again. love to know what's going on with you all.

plus also- the change is that we have decided to become foster parents. nervous.

  Piter and Heidi

8:47 AM

Okay, just a question...are you still full of wisdom or are you wisdomless now? Either way...we love you!!!