there are no words...

so, i tried to log into my blogger account and i actually sat there dumbfounded...i couldn't remember my password! how sad is that?! that shows that it has been far too long.

a lot has happened the last couple of months since i've been on here. one of the things is that we moved....again!! (i know, naomi, nothing comes even close to how many times you have packed up your car with boxes and kids!) i am in love with our apartment. it's almost where we want it to be. now we have to work on our garage (it looks like a natural disaster hit it!).

the other thing is, I'M 30!! yep, goodbye 20's and hello the big 3-0. wow! life does go by fast. i'm, actually, excited for my 30's. i think this is going to be a decade for change and learning who i really am.

i have SOOO many pictures to show you all. but, not this time. i'm going to make you wait even longer (i know you are all on pins and needles just wanting to see what's been going on with the plaskey family). but, i will show you what we are addicted to....

our friends showed us these youtube videos... you don't even know how addicting these songs are!!

and illya's favorite...

(this lady is crazy!!)

here is my obsession. it's a website where they have tons of these blunt cards. illya and i were crying because we were laughing so hard at them. here's some goodies....


  The Paxton Family

10:53 AM

Ha, I was wondering if you even had a blog anymore! But good on you for kicking the blog habit, maybe you were just missing because of blog rehab?
Either way I guess averaging 2 posts a year is ok to some people...
Alright, enough Naomi, she gets it. I MISSED you and your witty picture-filled blog :-( if I can't see you I at least want to read about you!


1:07 PM

hehe of course i HAVE to love the hair one.

  Hilary and Brian

8:35 PM

hahah oh my gosh I love the backin' up song! How funny, maybe I should faint, but I don't!! And of course I love me some Antoine Dodson, "You don't have to come and confess, we lookin' for you, we gonna find you!" Love you Sarah, Illya, and Lucy!

  The Paxton Family

7:27 PM

missing you, so i thought i'd have you close in spirit by reading your blog :-)

  Wes, Shae and Family

12:45 AM

I LOOOOOOOVE Your blog!! Its so fun seeing what you guys have been up to and I can't help laughing out loud at some of the things you post, like the blunt comics and esp. the "hide your kids video" I show that to everyone I know.

Well, as you can tell, I haven't updated my blog in forever and I only today saw your comment from the summer lol

We "hadababy itsaboy." He's named Jaxn Wesley Noble. 9 lbs. 2 oz. He's huge and already eating us out of house and home. We've had some crazy things happen lately like having a pipe burst in our apartment and now having to sue the owner so needless to say we haven't even really announced that he was born. Terrible I know!! He's such a good baby though, calm and happy so its been nice.

Well its great hearing from you guys and we hope to keep in touch. Let us know if you are ever in the Denver/Co.Springs area. We'd love to get together :)

Talk to you later,

Shae (and the Nobles)