the 4th...

 illya, after 5 mintues of being on bethany's boat: "i wanna' boat."
bethany: "you know what's better than having your own boat? having a friend that has their own boat!"

aye, aye, captain! truer words have never been said!!

camping on the river? boating with friends? watching fireworks from the water?
best 4th ever!!

even hank was enjoying the wind in his hair

here's chelsea and illya in their patriotic shorts
(God bless america!)

after "extreme tubing", we were all so tuckered out...

when nightfall finally came, it was time for the show...! 


  Naomi Mae

10:33 AM

Like I could really boycott you! :*
I have been telling jordan for YEARS that I want a boat! But HE wants jetskis :-P
I miss you guys so fiercly! And hearing you adventures without us just makes me miss you more! Why oh why don't we live near each other? :-(

  Naomi Mae

10:35 AM

Oh and also, it DOES look like a super fun 4th! :-D
I love camping and boating. Illya's patriotic shorts are awesome and your hair looks gorgeous!

  Naomi Mae

10:36 AM

Did I mention I miss you guys? Maybe we'll see you next Christmas when we drive up to WA again. Here's hoping!

P.S. Who's Hank and where's Lucy?


2:21 PM

naomi, i would LOVE for you to live closer!! i miss you and the kids tons...jordan, not so much! =P jk...bethany is our dear friend (the blonde one in all the pics). she owns the boat and hank is her dog. we left lucy with some friends of ours so she could be well drugged up and safe in a house once the fireworks started (she would've been a wreck the couple of days we were there!). PLEASE stop by to see us and give us A WARNING of when that would be so we could try to take the day off! =) loves you and miss your face!

  Piter and Heidi

9:29 PM

I remember the days when I was trying to ski, tube, sailing, and houseboats....and you are so correct that it is great to have friends that have boats!!!! Glad you had a great safe 4th! I am trying to talk Piter into a trip to see Alyona the end of August the first of Sept. Think we could try to meet halfway maybe? If it works out we could drive with Alyona and Tyrel and meet up before we head back. We would love to see you guys...we'll have to plan and pray!!! Nothing set in stone as I said I am working on Piter!