the great summer recap (or "let the picture fest begin!")

well, you wanted it so you're getting it...okay, i know none of you asked for this. but, hey!
no one asks for a cold either
so, think of this post as the once a year pain in the butt you all just have to push through. at least this one is done a lot sooner than a sinus infection...

and, on that note...


illya never went camping before he came to the u.s. and once being introduced to it, he's been in love with it ever since. for me, we did a lot of camping growing up as a family
(mainly because it was the cheapest vacation our parents could go on with us. which, i know it's true because now that they are older and have money, both my parents refuse to go anywhere near a tent!)
this summer, between working hard and living on a budget, we still were able to squeeze in several camping trips.
our first trip was a wet one! we tried lighting a fire and was poured out. so we went to bed early, hoping to sleep out the rain. by the time we woke up, our sight looked like this... giant mud puddle. we decided to salvage the rest of the weekend by picking up camp (literally! we were too lazy to take down the tent, so we each took a side and carried it down the road) and re-camped at a drier sight.

it still rained off and on, but it was nothing us north westerners couldn't handle...
...well, except for lucy. she preferred her camping experience in the dry and warm car.

but, it was all worth it for these amazing views at the beach


one of the things i missed the most the last two summers working with apx is the starlight and grand floral parade in portland. my favorite is the grand floral because we wake up super early (3am this year) to get a good spot, sleep on the side walks like bums and eat like crap while watching the sun come up over this beautiful city of ours.

this year, it was just illya, my mom and i. and we had a blast! we walked down to starbucks to pump ourselves with caffeine and then we walked down to one of THEE BEST donut shops ever

oh, man, i love this place! they have awesome cereal donuts (yep, it literally is donuts with captain crunch and coco puffs on top), one named "the memphis mafia", a fried cinnamon/sugar/banana donut with peanut butter and chocolate frosting
(or, as i like to call it "gain 5 pounds in 5 minutes" donut)
and, one of my favorites, the bacon maple donut! ...
...don't "ew" until you try it! it's, seriously, like a pancake with syrup and bacon breakfast all wrapped up in one!

once we were charged up by our lattes and our pants were undone to make room for the donuts, the parade stared. here my wonderful marmy is posing with some japanese dancers.

(as you can see, we are fans of u of o in our house. go ducks!)
and, yes, that is what you think it is...male impersonators of reba and cher...only in portland
(man, i love this city!)

4th of july!

we did another camping trip, this time outside seaside oregon, so we could be there for one of thee most amazing firework shows ever! this is another childhood memory i have and i love to be able to share it with illya.
apart of the fun is just waiting for nightfall. again, you sit,
and pig out
(do you see a pattern here when it comes to doing events with my family? a lot of food, people!...a lot)

the day was almost perfect except for one small was freakin' freezing!! it literally didn't get above 60 degrees the whole day. and, as you can see on my face below, i wasn't too happy about the lack of sun!...

but, all in all, we had a blast
(and don't let the picture fool ya'. i really do love kids!)

"sand in the city"

every summer, our city brings in truck loads of sand to our square and has professional sand sculptors create scenes there in the heart of portland. all the money for entrance goes to charity. and it's so worth it!

you could say it's sand-freakin'-tastic...yep, i went there.

well, there's just a taste of our summer. thanks for taking a stroll with us.
let's hope you don't have to do the same when fall is over!


  Hilary and Brian

11:03 AM

Man your guys summer rocked this year! Next time take me and Brian camping, did you guys even try mud wrestling in that?! haha and I didn't even thing 'ew' with that donut, I think that's a genius idea, that's what we should do down a donut shop! P.S. Lucy looks freaking adorable acting like a diva in your car haha

  Piter and Heidi

6:43 PM

You definitely brought back the freezing cold memories for camping at Seaside....I don't believe it was near 60 but I sure froze!!!! How come the sand wasn't there when we were??? That looks awesome!!! Looks like you had a pretty busy summer!

  The Paxton Family

12:03 AM

First, the donut sounds a-MAZ-ing! And since I happen to be married to a professional donut fryer, I may have to get him to make me one ;-)
Second, I am SO darn jealous of you going camping! Seriously! It's been over 6 years since I've been camping! Maybe more like 8! :-( I want to go SO bad! Those pictures of camping make me want to go!!
Third, golly I miss you guys! :-(

  Michael and Jessica Terry

8:42 PM

Oh my goodness i miss you so much. I love reading your blog you are so funny and you can tell by your writing that you are the coolest person alive!! I am glad you had such a good summer. Portland looks so beautiful, i am jealous you got to spend a summer home. Well i cant wait to see you again! Love ya