illya makes it BIG (or "i'd like to thank the little people...")

a few months back, illya was asked to be an extra on a tv show that films here in portland, "leverage". it's one of our favorite shows to watch together, so illya was pretty excited when he got the call.
he went through wardrobe,
did hours of sitting,
ate lunch with the cast
and had to do several takes until the director was happy with all the options he had to pick from for the editing process. all of this for about 3 seconds of air time.
ah, the life of a tv star!

(yep, that's my husbands big head!)

congrats, illya! glad you had so much fun experiencing the background life of tv don't forget to thank your wife first when you give your speech after receiving your emmy!


  The Paxton Family

10:55 AM

we are so proud! he's getting to be a regular star! On TV last year, TV this year! What's next? A movie filmed up in Vancouver? :-)


12:53 PM

that's so fun! oh man! i know a tv star!!!! wow. i'm in awe! :)


4:06 PM

I have heard of that show but never watched it. When does it air? thats sooo exciting!

  Hilary and Brian

4:48 PM

First Biggest Loser and now this! Goodness don't forget about me when your big and famous, we'll come live on your yacht with you!

  Piter and Heidi

6:28 PM

For someone who loves being behind the camera you're doing really well getting in front of one!!!! Both ends are looking good!