seattle lovin'...

so sorry all! life has been happening at full speed, so the blog was on hold for awhile. but, now that i have a spare 5 minutes, i thought,
"i could take a shower, or update the ol' blog." see what i chose
(i'm sure there'll be time to shower in a week or two)!
these pictures should've been posted a long time ago, but it's all about catching up, people.
we took a quick trip up to one of my favorite cities in the u.s....

oh, seattle, i adore thee...
while up there, we crammed as many activities as possible. we went to two, count'em, two zoos...

...stopped off at one of my favorite donut shops ever!...

(worth every calorie...)
...and, what trip to seattle is complete without stopping off at pike place market?

seriously, i just love the beauty of this place
...don't worry, my love. i will be back soon.


  The Paxton Family

4:14 AM

haha, welcome back, glad you are foregoing hygiene to keep me happy with your blog updates :-) i love the pictures, the one with you and the needle in the background totally looks green screened! funny! can't wait to try your "favorite" donut shop and take mak and oscar to point defiance with you! :-) HERE'S to SEATTLE!

  Piter and Heidi

7:24 PM

Let's quote a friend of's about bloody least I think that what she said...
You did a good job girl...but then again you usually do!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

11:50 AM

I love, love LOVE Seattle!!!! Soooo fun! I havent been there in years! But, my mom my sis and I are planning a little girls day this spring and it will be in Seattle! CANT wait!!!
And BTW, I think Sariah would go shopping with you at Target ANY day! I swear I am in trouble with this one when she is older!!!!

  Hilary and Brian

1:38 PM

sooo pretty! should we live there or oregon?! miss your face!