the big day....

like i have said before on here, my mom and her fiance were planning on getting married. and, on february 14th, it happened...

K&W wedding-48

K&W wedding-46

the ceremony was beautifully done. many people were there to witness it as well
(there was standing room only!)


K&W wedding-6

my mother was able to have 4 of her 12 siblings there with her on her big day
...and, yes, i said 12 siblings!

K&W wedding-36

my nephew, keegan, was very proud to walk his grandma down the aisle. here, he's even prouder to announce that he was
the first to congratulate them
as husband and wife.

K&W wedding-28


K&W wedding-15

K&W wedding-52

congratulations, mom and wayne.
i'm glad you two found your valentine.


  The Paxton Family

12:50 PM

I ADORE your dress for the wedding Sarah! And I hate you for how amazingly skinny and fabulous you look! Thanks for finally updating your blog and giving me something to comment about :-) Stupid work, taking you away from blogging!


1:32 PM

great pictures! You look sooooooooo good! Looks lieka fun day!

  Piter and Heidi

6:15 PM

I love your dress too...I think...I'm not allowed to see the picture up close but it looks like an awesome photo....Good job!!! OH and much congrats!!!