sneak peek

yeah, i know...shame on me. it's been for-ev-er since i posted anything. for this, i will be punished. i'll write sentences, 100x!

i will be a better blogger
i will be a better blogger
i will be a better blogger
i will be a better blogger
i will be a better blogger

okay, that's enough for now. i have been trying to edit the THOUSANDS of pictures we have taken the last several months. i'm still doing the ukraine pics...which we went to in october...yep, i know, i'm behind. but, here's a sneak peek for all of you who have been extremely patient!

november 2009 Ukraine 167

DSC_0150 (2)

november 2009 Ukraine 308


november 2009 Ukraine 299



november 2009 Ukraine 085



2:43 PM

Wow those pics are phenomenal! What a fun trip!


3:45 PM

very pretty! can't wait to see more!!!

  Piter and Heidi

5:53 PM

Piter wants to know where the first picture is from? Your last picture is my absolute favorite site in Ukraine!!!! Beautiful smiles in this series...Thanks for posting!!! Love it all!


6:26 PM

thanks all!! piter, the first picture is the monastery in downtown kharkiv (Uspenskij mughskoj monastyr na metro sovetskaya). heidi, that last picture is one of my favorite places in downtown as well!

  Hilary and Brian

8:52 PM

yay your back to blogging! i love the pictures that you have! us 4 should all go on a trip sometime somewhere it would be so much fun!

  happy mom

10:59 AM

Beautiful pictures! I think I may be adding Ukraine to my list of places to visit:)

  Piter and Heidi

9:20 PM

Thanks Sarah.I realy forgot about Uspenskij monastyr :) It's a beautiful picture.