he strikes again...

can i just say how awesome my husband is? i know he thinks his talents are amateur. and, i know i'm "just the wife" telling him that he has an ability most people dream of ...but, what do i know? i'm biased. so, i'm very happy when things happen that show him he can't deny just how great he is. months ago, illya got an email from someone who was putting an lds book together about temple endowments. she found a picture illya had taken during one of our trips down to utah of the slc temple. she asked if they could use it. illya told her yes, not thinking anything would happen with it (since illya has gotten emails like this before and nothing has come of them). but, both of us were surprised when we were told the book was finished and was out on shelves...



seriously, illya, you are amazing.

(click here for the amazon link)



6:00 AM

blah blah blah.. :):):);)

  happy mom

11:06 AM

The picture alone makes me want to buy this book!!! What an amazing talent....


12:14 PM

omgosh how freekin cool is that! Congrats Illya!!! LOVE that pic


1:27 PM

p.s. i know that "blah blah blah" is you, illya! next time, if you want to keep it anonymous, don't come here to comment through your website! =P

  The Paxton Family

1:51 PM

Seriously YOU ARE AMAZING! I think it's the coolest thing EVER and I'm going to force all my Mormon friends to buy the book, just for the cover art ;-P
Miss you guys tons! Sometime soon we will drive down to visit I promise. (& we'll let you know ahead of time...maybe)


2:15 PM

wow! that is great! way to go. you really are truly talented illya!


2:28 PM

how freaking cool is that!!!! Congrats Illya!
PS, no trips to portland in February for me.. I will email your hubby when Iknow we are down! thanks!

  Piter and Heidi

7:27 PM

Yeah Illya....blah blah blah=)))) JK....You did an awesome job as usual!!! Love you!!!


11:02 PM

Wow, Illya! You have an amazing gift and your sweet wife is so proud of your accomplishments so far!!!! I hope to be able to buy the book one day and say to people that I know the person who took the cover picture!!!!! :)
Congrats on being able to show the world of your amazing talent!!!!


12:49 AM

Amazing photo!