i love the month of oktober...

i was born in the u.s. and my ancestors are from ireland and hungary (my pinkie toes is native american). illya is from urkaine, with his ancestors being greek and polish.

but, once a year, we become very german...
man, do we love oktoberfest!!

mt angel is this amazing german town in oregon. and, for 3 days, it shows just how german it truly is!

of course, we go very hungry so we can enjoy the culinary greats such as bratwurst, corn on the cob...
...apple strudel...
...and, of course, german chocolate cake with melted butter sauce drizzled on top. yes, these are a few of my favorite things.
i love the feel of mt angel. i love how everyone gets into the oktoberfest spirit.
but, aside from the food, one of my favorite parts of mt angel is their german catholic church.
built in 1881, it is, simply stated, breathtaking.
so, oktoberfest, we will miss you terribly. here's a kiss goodbye until we see each other again (11 1/2 months and counting).


  Piter and Heidi

11:08 PM

It looks like you had a good time too!!!! Good pictures of the two of you! Illya it's good to see she's got your ear...you should always listen to your wife when she is right!

  Hilary and Brian

12:56 PM

haha of course i have good bedside manners! i don't know how to tell if it's swine flu but the doctor does haha, illya said that if brian dies that i can come live with you, hope thats okay!


7:55 PM

that looks like a blast.

however in retaliation to the recent (whiny) comment made on my blog.....maybe if you put some clothes on you wouldn't be so cold right now! :o)hehe just had to throw that one in there

  The Paxton Family

2:22 PM

That looks like SO much fun! I have yet to go to an Oktoberfest somewhere :-(
But someday!
I think in November we should have a combined bday party and either stay at the creepy Mcmennamens child insane assylum/old folks home-turned hotel
go up to Victoria

Other than that, we miss you and I really hope that next summer you come out with us, we will have a blast! I really wish you were here, the beach is beautiful, Disney is great and there are SOOO many free things to do! Jordan and I have yet to go to a movie premeire (i want to go more than him...and we don't have a babysitter)
BUT Ellen tapes in LA, so I'm hoping to go to that!
Love you tons, I miss reading your blog and commenting, but it will all be better in a month when i have my own internet again. I'm stocking up some cute photos!