random wonderings...

ever wonder what would happen if you put a tomato and a pepper in a room with lit candles and a bottle of wine? you'd get this creation...a tomper? a pepto? (actually, it's just a tomato in the shape of a pepper.
but how did it get to this shape?!

first off, who in the world decided that "bimbo" was a good name for a brand? what's next "whore bread"?
second, pretoasted bread?? are we really that lazy, people?

who's driving who here?...


  Hilary and Brian

3:22 PM

BAHAHAHAHAAH oh sarah i love you and i love your pictures, they make my day!


4:07 PM

oh man! thats pretty funny. Thanks for sharing. The tomper / pepto thing is so weird!


9:01 PM

I agree...whoever came up with "Bimbo" needs to be fired.


1:26 AM

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