sea of pink...

a few sundays ago, i was able to participate in "race for the cure" in portland. i've only done this once before, about 10 years ago. i was excited to do it again with my sister in law, melissa, who has done this for 11 yrs straight. but, this year was a first for the both of us...running the 5k. i was excited to see how well we both could do.

illya came to be our cheerleader
(thank you, honey, for waking up at the crack of dawn to be there for us)
if you wanted to, you could dedicate your run to the memory of someone or someone who has overcome breast cancer. melissa and i decided to run in the name of our aunt karol. over 20 years ago, she fought and beat breast cancer. just this last month, she had 14 lymph nodes removed and had a biopsy done on them...
..two days before the race, my aunts test results came back negative for cancer.
woo hoo!!
we are so proud of you for being a fighter!

the race went really well for us. i only had to slow down and walk a couple of times and just for a few minutes. i really wanted a good time! it was awesome to cross seeing i finished in 32.54...not bad for someone who just started jogging this summer! as you can see, melissa was happy with her time as well...

...yes, we were happy, but hot and sweaty!

the coolest part, for me, was watching the survivors cross the finish line. they had what they called "survivor lane" for them to finish in so everyone could honor those who had breast cancer and survived it. truly inspiring!
our friend, judy, found out for us that there was over 40,000 people at the race and portland raised 2.1 million dollars. way to go, city of roses!!

i was so glad we did it together and i can't wait to do it again next year. and, karol, i know you will be there, too, cheering us on.



4:14 PM

AWESOME!!! Keep me posted I will totally run with you!!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

4:15 PM

We were there too!!!! Crazy!!! Good job for running! We did the walk. I DO NOT RUN!!!! It truly was amazing to be there with all of those people for the SAME reason - to try and find a cure for breast cancer!!! We are doing it next yr too!!!! :)

  Hilary and Brian

5:07 PM

that is so amazing! i would love to do something like that but i'm totally lazy! good job finishing maybe someday i will run with you!

  Piter and Heidi

8:05 PM

I would have had to be a cheerleader too but Great Job!!!


11:46 AM

What a good cause to run for! And you are looking great btw!! Has biggest looser started yet?? You will have to post when you see the episode that you guys saw in DC.