i heart this website, "i heart faces"
this weeks contest is all about being candid. the picture i chose is one of my favorites. lucy was asleep under her favorite blanket. when she heard illya getting into food in the kitchen, she perked up and watched him through the blanket. i laughed and called her the mother teresa of dogs. i know the picture isn't the best (especially since it was done on my cellphone), but, like i said, it's a favorite of mine.


  Melissa G.

6:15 AM

Aww, she's cute all wrapped up in that blanket!


8:34 AM

What a beautiful photo!

I'm having my first giveaway, come and have a look :)


10:42 AM

That's adorable

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

3:43 PM

That is a stinking cute picture!!!


10:37 PM

hehe cute little lucy!


2:33 AM

Oh cute! Lucy Lucy who knew that with just a blanket we could see you for who you really are. Hope you win!

  Piter and Heidi

10:10 AM

Very cute Picture. She looks like she is praying! I had no problem seeing it. I had to highlight all your words in order to see them though! I could see i heart faces just fine but that grey on black was hard!


2:48 PM

whatever that is so cute, I cant believe you took it with your phone.. GEEZE girl! I cant even figure out how to send a picture text message on my phone than to actually get it on the computer.. I am so old school. LOL! Cute puppy dog!