goodbye east coast...

goodbye beautiful history...

goodbye yummy cellulite making foods...goodbye museums...

goodbye metro (thank you for not jumping the tracks while i was riding you)...

goodbye historical monuments...

goodbye rockville town square (thanks for letting my dog use you as a toilet everyday)...

but, mostly, goodbye good friends...

illya, lucy and i have been home now for several weeks. but, with horrible internet, i haven't been able to post pictures. but, here we are! i miss the east coast already (illya doesn't). but, maryland treated us well while we were there. so, goodbye to the good, the bad, and the expensive of DC. you will be missed.


  Hilary and Brian

6:11 PM

oooohhhh my goodness i miss you two well i guess three like crazy! i love the picture with your town stickin out by the one statue! aww i miss it now too dang it we need to come visit you guys!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

7:00 PM

Love your pictures!!! So where is "home" now???

  Piter and Heidi

8:27 PM

Of course you know which pictures I'm partial too but these are all very good pictures...Illya...I know you love that shirt but....oh well, Piter wears his favorite one a lot too!!! Glad you got home safely!


9:25 PM

Seriously, I would miss it too.. holy cow, those are once again awesome pictures! IF, the BIG IF, Doug re-enlists, we are trying to go on the East Coast.. that would be so fun... Have you made it alittle more north than Vancouver yet??????


10:36 PM

welcome home. good bye to another fun filled apx season. ammon is already getting calls from reps to do installs. he's not that into it. not really wanting to. i can't blame him.

  The Paxton Family

3:15 PM

sorry for the lack of commenting :-P lack of internet will do that!
i wish you were here it is SOOOO much fun! but next year you guys HAVE to come with us! :-)
Also, Jordan stopped counting months at 1 year, and I really did too, unless people asked specifically, or had a baby that looked close to her in age. But from now on I REFUSE the months! they are dumb anyway!
miss you tons, your pictures are great and you look FANTASTIC!

  Michael and Jessica Terry

8:08 PM

Oh i miss you so much. I was so sad we did not get to meet up before you went home. But YES hopefully we will be able to get together soon. I am glad you are doing good and loving being home. What have you been up to?? Love ya