make new friends...

illya and i got a chance to make a lot of friends in maryland. a couple friends we loved to hang with were hilary & brian. we decided to go to ocean city together, since neither one have been before.

...and, yes, we played in the sand like a bunch of kids.

the boys decided to take us girls to an area they had been working in, gettysburg. it was an a amazing city! first, we did a driving tour of one of the battlefields...

then we walked around town, looking at the amazing, old buildings...

...and shopped.
gettysburg is also known to be extremely haunted with ghosts from the battle.
they do nightly ghost tours. some of us were too chicken to try it
(myself being one of them!).
besides, we found a couple of ghosts ourselves...

the tour i refused to do was a haunted orphanage.
can you say HELL NO?!
waaay too creepy for this girl!

finally, we walked around the field were the civil war was fought. what amazing history!

thanks for the great time, stewarts! we had a blast
(get it? blast...cannon...oh, man, i kill myself!)



12:58 AM

I say this in the most loving way.. YOUR SO STUPID, I totally laughed WAY out loud at the very ending.. having a blast.. yada yada.. soo funny.. your blogs are so funny.. but I agree no haunted houses or orphanages for me, too creepy... What a great trip to go to Gettysburg.. but I absolutely LOVE the picture with the red flower kissing Illyas cheek. I think when you are finally in Portland I would love to pay you to take my kids pictures, and family pictures if your still around when Doug comes home for Afghanistan..

  Hilary and Brian

5:37 PM

ooohhh man, i MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!! and i totally copied the pictures of me and brian off your blog haha k hope thats okay! are you sure you can't just swing by and see us! oh and harley is missing lucy! so that is reason enough for you to come and see us, or just move in next door to us cause they are renting!!

  The Paxton Family

7:25 PM

OH MY GOSH SARAH!!! You look AMAZING!!!!! I ADORE that picture of you with the flower in your hair with Ilya at the beach! You are GORGEOUS!
I am super sad you will not be visiting us in LA, we went to the beach and Hollywood Blvd & I am SUPER excited to go "shopping" (slash, window shopping) on Rodeo Dr!
But oh well, I will see you in 2 months anyway right?
Things have been way busy and I'm slightly traumatized by the lack of internet in our apartment so I have been unable to do any updates, but I have some KILLER pictures to post when I can!
Miss you tons! Have a safe drive!


9:36 PM

What a fun way to finish the summer!! You guys got to do some fun things this year. We are back in the blogging world now that I have my interent back. But I did change our address, if you don't have the updated one yet it is...

  Lindsay and Tyler Kohler

11:01 AM

What cute pictures! Didn't you just love both of those places! We went there last summer and I loved it, especially Ocean City. Looks like you guys had a fun summer.