so talented...

illya was surfing the net today and discovered that one of his pictures was chosen for the smithsonian picture of the day! he could not believe that out of thousands that are submitted, his was chosen. i could believe it, though.
he's amazing w/ a camera!
here's a picture from the website
(click on the picture to see the full link).

congrats, illya! you're amazing!



5:29 PM

That is so awesome! What an accomplishment!

  The Paxton Family

5:57 PM

Oh my gosh! That is the coolest thing EVER! I'm going to brag to everyone I know :-)
Btw, is it "surfing" the net, and not "serving" the net?
Love ya!

  Hilary and Brian

6:15 PM

that is so cool! and the picture is AMAZING!! congrats illya! oh and will you take my picture and make me look like that?

  Piter and Heidi

7:42 PM

Great Picture...Sums up Ukraine totally...Piter wants to know if that is your aunt? Congrats!

  The Youngs

7:54 PM

awesome congrats illya!


9:39 PM

thank you, all! he IS pretty amazing, huh? naomi, yes, it is surfing the net, but when you are racing to get it done, you write idiotic things that don't make any sense! thanks for correcting me so i could fix it. heidi, no, that's not his aunt. it's tamara, his moms friend who is wheelchair bound. since her apartment building isn't handicapped accessible, she is shut up in her own home. she is a very sweet woman who deserves better.


1:34 AM

that is awesome!! congratulations.


5:21 PM

Wow what a great picture... he has an amazing eye with the camera!