did someone order two 5 alarm burgers?

so, there are pluses and minuses to living in a trendy shopping plaza, above stores and restaurants. this is one of the minuses...
first off, poor lucy had a rough day. it thundered and lightninged all day yesterday, which makes her jumpy and scared. but, when she finally started to calm down, we heard this ear splitting noise that could wake the dead
(literally, i heard my grandpa frank from his grave yell,"will someone shut that damn thing up!?"... his words, not mine).
i instantly knew (from previous experience),
"yay, our fire alarms are going off!"

which means, i get to harness and carry my now shaking dog down 4 flights of stairs while those "damn things"
(again, grandpa frank, not me)
blare in our ears. oh, and goody! it's still raining outside!

i met up with shannell and hilary, who had her dog with her as well. we soon discovered that the problem area was coming from "5 guys burgers" joint. lovely that the one restaurant, which is attached to our apartments, means the WHOLE complex is evacuated.

soon enough, though, we were allowed to go back to our apartments, to which lucy couldn't have been more happy (i think she would've taken the alarms over the cold and rain of the outdoors).
now, all is well...not really.

i woke this morning and decided to work out before the day got too busy. but, i decided to work out at the other buildings gym (there's one in every apartment building), since they have more weight lifting machines in that gym.
so, i lifted, i sweated, i felt great.
i then walked outside and saw AND heard the alarms going off for, yet again, our building.
now, from the outside, it just sounds like a high pitched, beeping hum. again, not so once you enter the building. i instantly thought of lucy. i start taking the flights of stairs two at a time while people are coming down them. one man, who was walking his whippet, told me i needed to leave. i told him i needed to rescue my dog as well. as soon as i entered our apartment, lucy come out from her special hiding place (our walk-in closet), crawling towards me w/ her tail between her legs. i, again, threw on her harness and booked it for the stairs (yes, this would make it my 2nd work out for today).
and, again, i met up with shannell, hilary, and a very happy harley. while we were waiting and i was calming lucy, we noticed that, again, the firemen were all entering "5 guys".
so, after this long, drawn out post, all i have to say is this...
mr. 5 guys, whatever you put in your hot sauce, can you please calm it down?...
for lucy's sake.



7:35 PM

You crack me up!!! Braxton kept grabbing me going look firemen! Now I know why ha yeah it always comes at a time when you least want it! We had it go off right after the kids fell asleep ya that sucked since it had been one of those days already! Then we had it go off as soon as I finished cooking sunday dinner we just started dishing up and there it goes! Oh man what do you do?


9:14 PM

Ok I so do not miss the fire alarms! They are sooo loud! The last time it happened while we were there I swear the only problem was that the firemen couldnt figure out how to turn it off! I'm so jealous of your Georgetown cupcakes too! I'm bummed that I never got one! Miss you!!

  Hilary and Brian

1:06 AM

hahaha can you believe that harley was more happier and chippier with the second time?! i will not miss these dumb drills!!


1:22 AM

oohhhhh poor little lucy!!! i can picture her crawling to you as you rushed in to "save" her. :(

  The Paxton Family

10:11 AM

See, that's why I don't eat at 5 guys :-)
Pool Lucy! Too bad you didn't get a picture of her wet and sad looking :-( She is so cute! I can't wait for Mak to meet her, seriously!

  Piter and Heidi

11:09 AM

Now you can relish those cupcakes all the more since you already worked them off!!!! We are happy you are safe...for Lucy's sake....JK We love you!


5:23 PM

HOw annoying... I really hate the sound of fire alarms, I mean I know they are for a purpose, but they are obnoxious, especially if its a stupid restaurant.. they need to calm it down!


1:12 PM

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