celestial desserts...

dantz and jess took me to this shop called "georgetown cupcakes",
a great and adorable bakery that makes nothing but gourmet cupcakes.

they have amazing flavors like lava fudge, chocolate ganache, lemon berry, chocolate hazelnut (on the left)...
...red velvet...

...and, the one i would give my first born for
(if i had one to give), coconut lime!

i was pleasantly surprised when i pulled back the wrapper and saw
green speaks of lime zest in the cake itself. it was heavenly!! i savored every bite!

...and illya did too.

so worth the 2.75 per cupcake. every crumb was eaten...
(don't worry, illya put this down and i ate the rest. i repeat, EVERY crumb was eaten!)


  Hilary and Brian

11:30 AM

those look sooooo good! i would eat every bite too! actually i won't lie i would probably buy more than one!


2:13 PM

YUM! you know.... if you'd come to visit i'd make you some for free! (is that tempting??)


4:40 PM

Oh goodness those look yummy. We have a place here in town called 25 Main that is like that. I have yet to try them out. In vegas, though, there is a place called The Cupcakery and we're BFFs. My actual BFF got me a couple dozen (not cheap, as you know) for my bridal shower and my baby shower, and I did the same for her. That's also where we go when we just need some girl time. And, oh what heavenly girl time it is, too!

  Piter and Heidi

7:27 PM

Hey, you posted and didn't tell me or I missed it!!! The lime looks great but the coconut....Nyet!!!! Illya's looks very rich but yummy....

  The Paxton Family

11:29 AM

I still don't know if I could pay almost 3 dollars for just a cupcake...
But they do look pretty and if I started indulging, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't end well for me :-) I'd look pregnant permanently!
Glad we talked last night! I hope you guys at least stop by LA for a little bit even if it's not an extended stay ;-)