girls day out...

our dear friend from our apartments, marla, decided to treat "her girls" to a little r&r for the day at sandy point park. what better way to spend a 90+ degree day then in the chesapeake bay?

me and mama marla. i adore this woman!

marla brought an array of food with her for lunch. but, we couldn't bbq anything until we got the coals lit. usually, a nice, strong breeze is needed on a gorgeous day at the park. but, when you're trying to light a mound of charcoal, the wind was not our friend!
so, i decided to try and block the wind with my towel...
we realized we needed dantzelle to help block it as well. but, after 20 minutes of trying, and
entertaining out neighbors with a show

...lunch was on! and, as you can see,
it wasn't a minute too soon for jessica!

pasta salad, green salad, corn on the cob, chicken...

...and grilled peppers, we were ready to eat!

but, we weren't just there to fill our tummies. we also waded in the water...
...and enjoyed some wildlife.
this couple was hysterical! they pulled their car up and tailgated the entire time we were there. as you can see from this womans leather tan she's got going on, this was not their first day of fun in the sun!
(don't they look like characters you'd see in a pixar movie?!)

we also took in the beauty of the bay...

...and the not so beautiful parts as well
(sorry, heidi! i had to share! =)
but, mostly, it was just so much fun to spend time with my girls...and what better way to spend quality time with the girls then by driving around in a
convertible beetle

dantzelle, jessica, and especially marla,
thanks for such a wonderful day!... guys are wack-a-doos, but i still
heart you to pieces


  Piter and Heidi

7:47 PM

Hahahahahah loved the show of towels...a new dance of the veils? Ewwwwwwww for the man in the black hood... and the beetle looks a lot like the covertable we rented in Oregon...but that was a PT cruizer...Chesapeake Bay Day looks like it made your day!!! Good food...good friends...good views...well some of them....and is that a jellyfish?...I heard there were sharks found at Cannon and Seaside Beaches....I'm glad I'm not there!!!!


8:35 PM

Speedos, I just dont get it.. LOL.. how FUN!!!! I love that picture of you guys in the Beetle, so classic.. looked like tons of fun!

  The Hanna Family

8:45 PM

Such cute pictures! I love them all! And that guy is huge he needs to get a new swimsuit! Glad you had fun!


1:37 AM

ooohhh. i am feeling so sad and left out right now. but even if i was there i wouldn't have had a girl's day out with ya'll....i have kids. i would just be one of the old moms! :(


1:39 AM

oh- but- lest you think all i am doing is sulking. the pics are great. you all are beautiful. and that guy needs to ONLY wear that in the privacy of his own back yard!!!!


11:59 AM

Love the pic of Misty in the background!! She is mocking you as you eat that cupcake. I was waiting for her cyber self to extract from the photo, rip the cupcake out of your hands and pull it back into her pic so you could not eat Pretty vivid. All from seeing her pic. hehe.