while melissa was still here in july, we decided to take a day and go up to new york.
we found it would be easy to
drive to new jersey...
...and take the train straight into penn station.

penn station is just a few blocks away from... time square!!...
...and carnegie hall we also decided to take to take the staten island ferry to see... ...the statue of liberty we also saw the... i've always wanted to try gray's papaya hot dogs. and, guess what we stumbled upon while looking for the temple... score!! so worth the buck fifty!
we walked around for miles and miles and decided the subway was the way to go... we also found... ...central park... ...and the brooklynn bridge but, the coolest thing we stumbled upon was a movie being made with...
*drum roll*

how cool was that to be able to see them on their movie set?!
watch out for "date night" coming in 2010.
but, mostly, we were just able to see the beauty of the city...we, truly, heart NY!!


  Piter and Heidi

9:12 PM

I'm glad you found a place on the East coast to love...East, West, Now you need a North because I know you love Florida in the South!!!! Does NY count as a North and an East...Nah!


9:15 PM

Oh my gosh Sarah, I AM SOOOO Jealous, I mean... seriously, I was just telling my mom last night, how BADLY I want to go to New York City! I have never been to the East Coast and oh I am green with Envy.. you are so lucky to be able to see so much with your husbands work! LUCKY YOU! and you look soooo Awesome, seriously, you have aged GORGEOUSLY HOT! Your husband is one lucky man!


11:54 PM

ok- seriously. where have i been? i look at the blogs regularly. but the last post i saw was the one of the dc temple. how have i missed 3 newer posts? and i wouldn't even have caught this one if i hadn't been wasting time on facebook!

anyway- looks like fun. great pictures. i love the ukrainian churches especially.

  The Youngs

2:10 AM

wow that must have been a long day in NY to be able to see all those cool things. U helped me add things to my list of things to see in NY. I have already seen "The Lady" and Times Sq etc but not the NY Temple or the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park. Thx for the beautiful picts!


3:19 PM

So fun!!! We got to go for a few days in 2007 and fell in love. We can't wait to go back!


3:45 AM

Hey send me your email address so I can add you to my blog, Im going private. lesadmiller@yahoo.com

  The Hanna Family

10:15 AM

Geez looks like so much fun! I am jealous since i have always wanted to go to New York! Looks so fun! Maybe I'll convince bran to take me without the kids on a trip and go shopping and to a play-yep I'll do just that ! Glad you guys had fun!


7:39 PM

man that looks like another great time! dang. your pics always turns out so bueno. Even if you do fix em up a little on the computer. O and i think it was you who asked me how many miles my car has? In 500 more it will be 163,000 :-/

  Michael and Jessica Terry

10:13 PM

ha that was such a fun day!! You girls are my favorite! I need to get these pictures from you! Love ya


3:08 AM

LOVE your pictures of New York City. I'm so jealous, I dream of going there someday.