supporting my troops...

i normally don't post birthdays for family members or friends, but i just had to give my big brother a birthday shout out. he's currently in georgia, and will be deployed later this month. we are worried for him, but we know he is happy to be doing something he believes in. michael, we may not see eye to eye on many issues, but i do love you and respect what you are standing for. thanks for your service and come home safe.
happy 35th birthday, BL!!



1:15 AM

Oh! he will be fine.. tell him, like I tell Doug.. Dont be Brave.. Duck and Run.. hahahahaa.. I know Doug would never do that.. and hopefully will never be in the position to have do that, and I hope your brother wont either! My prayers are with him and your family!

  Piter and Heidi

5:25 AM

Michael...Godspeed! Great Post Sarah!!

  The Paxton Family

2:01 PM

Good luck and God speed!
I love it when you update your blog! If you want to go ahead and update it more often, I won't mind at all :-)
Hope your last month this summer goes really well for you and I hope I get to see you next month! I still really want to drive home with you! We could make Jordan and Illya ride together some of the time too, more fun for us :-)

  Thompson Family

6:11 PM

Good Luck to Michael and the rest of your family! BTW that is a great picture of you with him!