the OC...

while melissa and vairin were still here, we all drove to ocean city, maryland. it was overcast and FULL of people. but, we still enjoyed the beach and the great boardwalk they have there.
we also enjoyed the yummy carnival food they had
(cheese fries, corn dogs, peanut carmel popcorn... nothin' but the healthy, natural stuff for us!!)

melissa and i are HUGE "twilight" fans. so, we couldn't help getting a shot of this store off the boardwalk
(if only you could buy a hot, vampire in there...a girl can dream).

we were even lucky enough to have our own celebrity sighting... old elvis!

illya aka "mr. july"...*grrr*

this lady came to the beach fully prepared!

here's illya and the cool ripley's building

yes, as you can tell, i HAAATE clowns! they ARE satans messengers! even lucy could sense evil from the clowns creepy poodle.

this brother was so cute playing with his little sister that i couldn't resist getting a shot of them.

all in all, it was a good day at the beach


  The Youngs

12:18 AM

Im so excited to go this sunday!

  The Paxton Family

10:06 AM

I've been there :-)
p.s. that's not his sister, it's his daughter.
did i ruin it for you now :-P
miss you! great pictures! like always

  The Hanna Family

10:25 AM

I love Ocean City it is so fun! I love your pics also! What program do you use to edit? I hope we get to go at least one more time before the summer is over!


2:00 PM

i wish we could have had a better time there last year. but addie loved it. she STILL talks about it! and i had fun too.

great pictures!

  Piter and Heidi

9:28 PM

The lady that came ready has my vote!!!! Of course my picture at the beach is even more covered and still freezing!!!!


1:44 PM

I really thing you should forgo the hair idea and take up web design and graphic design. Your blog just blows me away. And when you move in (yea!!!) you are going to teach me how to do cool things with my pictures like you do. I'm serious! about the hair thing