feet week (i heart faces)

so, i found this website that celebrates all different types of photographers. they do weekly contests with different themes. this weeks them is "feet". i decided to throw my flip flops into the ring! here's our feet in the warm sands in ocean city. so, cross your fingers...and toes!


  The Hanna Family

11:21 PM

I love your pic! It is sooo good! I hope you win! I entered one of Brax's but to be honest I love yours more!


1:02 AM

that is a cute pic. i noticed it on your other post.

also- i have a couple things to say-
1- maybe if we talked more often we wouldn't talk for so long in one sitting....but i highly doubt it. :)
2- i loved every dang minute of it!
3- your new background is adorable. i need to go check out that site. i'm ready for a change.
4- i know there was something else, but if forgot. don't be surprised if there is another comment from me.

  The Paxton Family

2:15 PM

I love that pictures. Especially your cute little toes! Normally I'm not so big on feet, but really a good picture :-)


1:03 PM

no, we did not win =(...but, i won't give up! next week, "beach" theme!