DC temple...

before melissa left, we took her to see the DC temple. i must say, i am very biased when it comes to temples since i adore the one in portland. but, i do love the temple here. before you even arrive there, you can see it jetting out from the tree tops from the freeway.
it's an amazing sight.

i couldn't help getting a kissing shot with illya...

...and melissa! =)

melissa saw this tree opening and said,
"you know they made this tree grow like this just so newlyweds could get a picture under it."
...she then struck a pose. she cracks me up!


  The Paxton Family

11:41 AM

I bet they DO make the trees grow just like that too! BTW your foot is popped a little higher kissing Illya than Melissa, I think you like kissing him more :-)


7:07 PM

i LOVE that temple. It is sooo beautiful! And of course the one time we made it over there last year- i forgot to take my camera!!! so i got NO pictures of it! BOO! :(

  Stacy Hanna

10:28 PM

I like the one with the sun between the spires! I like simple artistic things like that. You always do such a great job of getting all the right angles!

  Piter and Heidi

10:40 PM

You know me....I love to see the Temple...any Temple...the most peaceful place on Earth!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  Michael and Jessica Terry

10:17 AM

Sarah, you are freaking amazing, i love all the temple pics. they turned out so good. You and Illya are so cute together, i love your kissing pic~so sweet!!!!


1:39 PM

Beautiful pictures, Sarah! The DC temple and the Portland temple are kind of similar in the design, and both of ours have the spires coming out from the trees!!!


1:41 PM

Yes the DC temple looks very similar to the PDX temple. Very beautiful. It's fun to be driving and just see one on the freeway when you're not expecting it. We just happened to run into the Panama temple after driving around all day looking for it. lol... I love it. Your pictures are absolutely breath taking! I hope you are making ths a career. What an amazing talent you have. Now who is Vairin? Is he a friend of Illya's? You could amke money do wedding and such!