great falls...x2

we are doing so much here in DC. it's been great. but, because of that, we are way behind on our blog. so, stay with me here as we try to catch up. this post is a looong one since there's pictures of the two times i've been to great falls. the first was well over a month ago with illya and lucy. the second trip was just this last week with all the other wives out here. we girls are getting antsy and really wanting to go home. so, we're trying to stick together and get out more and praying that the rest of the time out here will fly by!

yes, lucy prances when she walks. just in the front, though. her back legs are bowlegged. we say that when she walks, she is princess in the front and butch in the back! =)

the potomac river divides maryland and virginia. here's a shot of the people on the virginia side. it's strange to think that exactly one year ago, illya and i were standing on that side, working and living in virginia.

they have a man made canal that runs on the side of the river. there, you can take boat rides just they way did a hundred years ago.

and now that we're caught up on those pictures, here's the pictures of me with the apx wives...

here are my girls! dantzelle, jessica and shannell...i adore them!

yes, among the beauty of great falls, there is also creepy, crawly creatures...

here's my friend, chase. i couldn't stop taking shots of him! he's such a cutey!

we all were sitting and munching on snacks. chase found his own spot to sit and eat some peaches. it happened to be the most awkward, painful looking opening on the rock, but he didn't seem to mind.

this little boy was fishing in the canal. i couldn't help but get a shot of him and his orange stripped boxers!

dantzelle, our well known photographer this summer. she does amazing work!

vicki and i were feeling left out since we don't have children and all the moms were getting pictures taken with their kids. so, we decided to borrow chase and get a "family" picture as well. i told her we made a cute looking lesbian couple! at least we have the picture for our next Christmas card! hehehe!

i love great falls park. i will truly miss it when we go back home. but, on the plus side, i just did two posts in one! one post down, twenty to go!


  The Paxton Family

10:44 AM

I'm glad you are having more fun this year and getting to do a lot of things! I'm super jealous, I want to go on hikes with you too!
Oh and about that stealing kids for pictures thing...
love you!


4:19 PM

LOVE all the pics! your camera is amazing. Looks like such a fun time!

  Piter and Heidi

8:20 PM

Wow Illya...I'm so used to seeing your profile picture...I forgot what a cute smile you really have!!!! You ought to do it more often my friend!!! Great pictures...I'm glad you are down to only 20 Sarah before you catch up!!! I need more ammo before I blog again...but at least I've done it a few times now and Piter sounds great!!! It looks like that boat ride has a few leaks....but for a hundred year old tradition...I guess that's expected!!! lol Sarah I love the picture of you on the fence but my favorite one is the one of you and Illya at an angle!!!

  Adam and Dantzelle

9:33 AM

Sarah-wa! I love all the pics! I am a novice in photography...but you and Illya are really amazing! That was so much fun and you look DANG good!:> It is time.......haha only a few weeks left to get that stomach tan. I love the editing! Everything! You are so bubbly-making! Love ya!

  The Youngs

3:10 PM

cute picts. i look dang fat in that candid pict u took of me taking a pict. But we do look cute in our lesbo pict lol!