rockville daze...

since we decided to work for apx for the second year in a row, i knew we'd miss a lot of stuff being 3,000 miles away from home. one of the things i was sad about missing was yet another "rose festival". but, then i found out that for memorial day weekend, our city here in maryland was throwing a 3 day festival. and, since we live in the rockville center, all the food, games, parades, rides, concerts and markets were right outside our front door!

here's a shot of "the taste of rockville". we all bought tickets to be able to get samples from restaurants all over rockville
(for you portlanders, it's like a mini "bite")
the other wives and i had lebanese, bbq, ice cream, organic fruit, mexican rice, and many other things. my favorite was the tuna blt slider i tried. delicious!

this is my friend, mckinley...i must've gotten 50 shots of her. she's such a happy baby and she loved the camera!

they had this great bake sale there for charity. this sweet teenager was not only nice enough to dress up as a cupcake to draw people to the bake sale, but he was also nice enough to pose for a few pictures!

jessica and i couldn't resist taking a bite!
...and neither could my friend, braxton. here he is trying to share some of his cupcake with me. =)

i took illya down to the festival the next day. we tried another tuna blt slider
(i couldn't resist!)
some amazing italian ice, and a tasty chicken pita from the lebanese tavern
(a must!).

oh, this kid was hysterical! i snapped shot ofter shot of him rocking out to the live band that was playing. i think he was a hippie in his previous life.

there's a water fountain right outside of our apartments. at night, they turn all these beautiful colors. i couldn't resist getting some pictures of these kids running through, fully clothed.

so, it was sad for me to miss yet another rose festival back home in portland, but their "rockville days" did make me feel (even for just a few minutes) like i was back home!



11:48 AM

oooh that looks like it was a blast! sounds fun. we have parades and carnivals here in coolidge twice a year. for a very small town i think that's a lot. we've been to almost every parade, but not made it to the festivities yet. maybe we should do that one of these times!

  The Paxton Family

12:35 PM

Looks like fun, I'm glad you're getting along with the wives and have some cute kids to keep you company. Makayla and I miss you over here :-( But I'm so happy you're having a good summer and getting to do a lot of things. I hope we really DO get to drive back together, that would be SO much fun! Not to mention going digging for diamonds (can you imagine if we actually found one!) so keep me posted on your plans. We drove out with some friends this year and it definitely made the drive go faster, not to mention it forced Jordan to actually stop once in awhile! ha!


12:53 PM

that looks very fun! My family goes to something like that in Idaho, called "Taste of Idaho" and I guess its similar. I dont know if Arizona has anything like that. The free food you guys got (with your ticket/pass) sounds really really tasty. And I like all your pics! Esp the one of the colored lights/water and the cupcake guy. Mmmm

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

3:59 PM

That looks WAY fun!!!! And to have it right outside your front door? AWESOME!!!! I love the look of that fountain!!!! I know I would SO run through it!!!!!!

  Piter and Heidi

7:45 PM

Piter would love the closeness of everything there since he doesn't drive but we both need the sun!!! Great photos!!!


7:50 PM

That looks like tons of fun! St. George is infinitely less cool than that lol

  The Youngs

9:28 PM

why didnt u get in the fountain?

  The Hanna Family

10:32 PM

It was way fun to walk around with you! I love the pics of the kids they are fun! Our apt complex does a lot of cool things!


12:05 AM

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9:54 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts! They are fantastic to read... You guys have so much going on over there! how long are you in the East for?

  Lindsay and Tyler Kohler

10:37 AM

wow it looks like you guys live in the coolest place! how fun!! i'm jealous

  Thompson Family

5:50 PM

Girl you update so much and with my home computer not working right i never get to this site...after paying bills and of course catching up on facebook i am more than frusterated with dealing with it that i wanna throw it across the room! Oh and time? never have any of that!


3:13 PM

lesa, we will be here until either sept or oct. then, we will be back to portland. yay!!

alice, it's all about prioritizing, my dear! i don't journal and my scrapbooking is way backed up. this is my way to keep the memory alive. prioritizing!