6 years ago, my sister (a single mom of two girls) decided to go back to school and get her degree.
6 years,
thousands of homewor
k hours,
hundreds of pa
student loans up the wazoo
millions of headache
s later,
i was able to watch my sister receive her BA from
portland state university with highest honors...
oh, and did i mention she held a job as well?
way to go!

i am so proud of you!
thank you for being an example to me of what life can be if you just go out there and try.
love you tons, mizzer lynn!!


  The Youngs

8:55 PM

u look hot--- oh and thats cool about ur sis :)

  Piter and Heidi

9:48 PM

Congratulations Misty!!! Hello Sarah and happy you got so much done in one morning!!!


2:04 AM

hope you had a blast with your fam last week! what a great break from your summer...

you are looking quite thin! way to go!


2:14 AM

also- you should stop now cause pretty soon i'm gonna have to start calling you a skinny too. (i know you know what i'm referring to)and then i will have to cry because i will not be able to sit and laugh with you about the skinnies, because you will be one of them. and all i will have are my memories of pre-skinny days. and i will be all alone with my memories. and i will be sad. and i know this has nothing to do with your post, but i had some feelings i needed to get off my chest so i did.

but- congrats to misty!


4:06 AM

ha! nat, you crack me up! i especially love how, after your long rant, you threw out props to misty!! and, about me losing too much weight; boy! am i far from being one of the "skinnies"!! and, don't worry, your working out butt isn't far behind (get it? "butt", "behind"!...i kill me!) keep up the exercising, girl!

  Hilary and Brian

7:00 PM

are you back now! we need to go to the pool! or just hang out period!