random wonderings...

is that two strawberries that grew together? or does the big part have a tumor? either way, i'm not eating it because that ain't natural!

why is this woman mannequin built like she's on steroids? it looks like she could double for chyna, the wrestler!

how is it possible that this man actually thinks it's okay to sunbathe in the middle of a shopping center plaza? even better were the looks people were giving him as they passed by. quite entertaining.



1:22 PM

hahaha, those are all so random! I love it! Oh I updated the blog again. I have been trying to post more often, and about dog shows and stuff. Hope you enjoy!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

1:30 PM

yay, that strawberry is SO not natural, I wouldn't have eaten it either!!!!!! Fun post!!!

  The Youngs

2:47 PM

Oh my gosh are u serious? U wouldn't eat the strawberry? I would totally eat it! Thats happens all the time and they are just as yummy as any other strawberry, there is just more yummy to eat! lol
Next time call me and I will eat it for u :)

  The Paxton Family

4:53 PM

let me guess, you don't like quasi moto either right? if you cut the strawberry up....you'd never know it was deformed.
Besides that people sunbath in the strangest places! creeeeeepy!

  Piter and Heidi

9:09 PM

hahahahahaha!!! That Strawberry is very natural...no mortal artist could think up that shape!!!!

At least the sunbather had a suit on!!!!

Some Sumo Wrestler or his wife working a second job did the mannequin I'm guessing!!!! aooooooooga!!!

  The Hanna Family

9:52 AM

That is so funny! Who was the dude sunbathing?


11:00 PM

okay, before anyone else says anything...yes, i know it's just a strawberry and it would've tasted the same. but, it was my 8 year old niece who mentioned it looking like a tumor. after that remark, it was all i could think about! once it was in my head, i couldn't get it out!

casey, i have no clue who the guy was. just some random guy who laid there for more than an hour, not minding any on lookers! and, yes, heidi, i was very glad he had bottoms on...this isn't a nude shopping plaza we live in. but, like naomi said, it WAS still creepy!


4:37 PM

thanks for sharing your random-ness.

  Piter and Heidi

10:21 PM

To me it looks like a little baby dinosaur and thank goodness it's not a nude shopping center but did you hear about the squatting nude woman statue in a public park? I forgot which city but it's a true story and that to my knowledge wasn't a nude park either and all the kids were seeing this leave nothing to the imagination statue! Creepy isn't the only word for it!


11:36 PM

heidi, i have an apron that could cover that statue up perfectly! hehehe