okay, so some of you know that for that last 5 months, i've been leading a healthy life. i exercise 6 days a week, i use my feet more and use my car less, and, i eat foods that are high in figher, low in calories. well, i recently found this amazing, whole wheat bread called "healthy life" that is only 35 calories per slice. which means, i can finally enjoy sandwiches again!

well, while going shopping, i couldn't find my "healthy life" bread. i must've gone up and down the bread aisle 10 times! my husband
(who was sick of watching me pace)
finally said,"sarah, just get this 'pepperidge farm' bread. it's only 40 calories per slice."
i was heartbroken, but, i finally gave in, grabbed a loaf and threw it in the cart.

it wasn't until i got it home and went to make a sandwich that i saw the "very thin" writing on the top. i was curious by what they meant by "very thin", since low calorie breads are usually smaller than the ones high in fat & calorie. i was shocked when i opened it up and saw this...
no, that is not a cracker i am holding. it's one peice of the "pepperidge farm VERY THIN" bread! i showed illya and he actually laughed out loud and stated,
"i see why it's only 40 calories!"

so, from now on, i'm sticking to what i know. as for the rest of my very thin bread? well, i'm sure the ducks at the park will like it!
(just kidding...i'm forcing illya to eat it up!)


  The Paxton Family

8:49 PM

I laughed so hard when I saw the picture! You crack me up! That's what you get for listening to your husband and letting him rush you :-)
Miss you like you miss bread! ;-)


9:51 PM

ok that is hilarious! I've never seen bread that thin! Your blog is so cute, I love how you make it look so exciting! See ya at the pool tomorrow! haha hopefully it doesnt rain!

  The Youngs

11:37 PM

lol! thats funny!

  Melissa (Murdoch) McKinley

1:45 AM

ok i laughed out loud!! how can even they call that bread??


2:01 AM

totally- NO comparison!!! sorry about your bummer loaf.

and we need to finish our convo. i wasn't done talking! dang kids that feel the need to fall off the couch. and phones that feel the need to die.

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

2:15 AM

Holy crap!!! That is hillarious and sad at the same time!!!!!!!!


9:40 AM

Hi Sarah,
Your Healthy Life bread can be found in Safeway, Food Lion, Shoppers Food Warehouse and your local Wal Marts in addition to Giant Food.
Customer Service
H&S Bakery, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

  Michael and Jessica Terry

1:17 PM

You are so amazing at taking pictures, i loved all of them. You are just so freaking amazing!