palmini making...

i love to travel and i love to eat. so, it's no surprise that one of my favorite things about going to new places is eating their foods. some of my favorite dishes are slovak! and, one of my favorite slovak dishes is palmini, the russians version of meat raviolis. i adore them and vareneeki (ukrainian potato raviolis). since i not only married a slovak man, but married a slovak man who went to culinary art school, i thought i'd be sitting pretty eating palminis anytime i wanted them. the problem is, my husband never learned how to make them. my mother in law is an amazing cook, but, she too, never learned. so, i gave up that dream of ever eating them in my own home.

then, my russian friend, julia, said the most beautiful sentence to me,
"i know how to make'em!"
so, i put her to work one sunday. she threw on my favorite apron
(thank you, again, heather for my gift all the way from italy!)
and showed me the ropes of making palminis...

after making the dough, and cutting them into pieces...

...then, rolling them out, we placed a mixture of ground meats & onions in the middle...

...and then pinched the edges together, making them bite sized.

we then boiled them in water with olive oil and bay leaves.

here's the end result, served with the traditional sour cream and the americanized way with ukrainian ketchup.

i know it may not seem too impressive to all of you, but i'm ecstatic! i've wanted to know how to make these for years. i never knew they were so simple!

...and, trust me, illya is happy about it too!

so, thank you, julia, for teaching me this russian treat.
my mother in law will be proud!



11:13 AM

I almost bought that Apron in Italy also, but I didnt cause I had my MIL with me, yah she kinda has a stick up her butt with those sorts of things.. oh well, when I get back there.. one of these years! Glad you finally made your yummy dinner... I am missing my favs from Germany too, and My German friend doesnt like to cook.. WHATEVER! hahaa

  The Youngs

12:03 PM


  The Paxton Family

2:00 PM

Interesting apron, but thanks for the info on making them! Next time we see you, you know what I'll be expecting for dinner! Haha, I'll make sure Makayla brings her stuffed animals of those ;-)


6:44 PM

Awesome, Sarah!! And they look delicious!!
Next time add the recipe. I like try to make Jason some good Russian food, since it's his favorite culture! But all of his Russian cookbooks are in Russian, so that doesn't help me out! HAHA!!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

8:11 PM

Okay, that apron really made me laugh!!!! And those palmini's looked YUMMY!!!!


1:27 AM

looks super yummy. ammon loves them too. i may have to have you show me how....when you come visit..cause i know you are gonna do that really soon. (you better do that really soon!)and chair of course!


10:44 AM

All I can say about that apron is wow...very jealous about the palmini-delicious!


12:52 PM

Umm. Hello? I have known how to make these since the mission....did you not feel the need to ask your BFF who is married to a freakin Russian? Just thought I would ask...

  Shae and Wes Noble

4:23 PM

oooh! That looks like loads of fun! We were really bummed to have to cancel all our site seeing plans in DC :( But we are glad to see you are making the most out of it!! Oh and I don't know but I've heard that living a with a Ukranian Ding Bat can be very very dangerous... so watch your back

  The Youngs

12:27 PM

oh my gosh i feel so dumb! I just bairly noticed the apron! akward~ was that ur way of saying that julia has enough balls to show u how to make palminis? lol!


3:43 AM

hahaha! vicki, you win the award for best apron comeback! congrats!


1:50 PM

loved your pics and your blog. I loved the apron! That was a "surprise" but we had a great laugh! You have to love classic pieces of art.