an 80's flash back...

okay, please tell me i'm not the only one who remembers these 80's jewels...

safety kids...

...the tv show "pinwheel"...

... & the tv show "today special"

i know that krystal remembers these, but please tell me we are not the only 2 who do!


  The Paxton Family

10:30 AM

nope, you two are the only ones :-)
but don't feel bad there are a lot of things people don't remember that's why they have "I love the 80's" on VH1 :-)
Remember for halloween I dressed makayla up as a popple? yeah, no one knew what she was and she even had the "popple" patch on her butt!

  The Youngs

12:30 PM

I kinda do


12:33 PM

Just Today's, it's been a long time!


12:50 PM

I don't remember the pinwheel show, but I am WELL acquainted with safety kids. It scared the crap out of me!


5:57 PM

I loved Safety Kids. Remember laughing at the "Natural High" song! It was more funny than educational!! LOL
But sadly, I don't know the other two at all! were they PBS shows?? We didn't really watch pbs much, we stuck to disney, I think.


6:02 PM

i totally do! which i guess shows how old i am. but that's'll all get there too!!!!! i loved those shows. pinwheel pinwheel turning around look at my pinwheel and see what i've found!


6:07 PM

Pinwheel show - nope not at all - but the other 2 - yes yes yes!!! i wish I could find Today's Special online or on DVD. There might have been a few clips on Youtube. The Safety Kids looks really familiar

  Piter and Heidi

7:02 PM

Totally after my time...or maybe even Chalea didn't watch them...or maybe my memory is gone but whatever the reason...I don't remember any of them =( or maybe =)


1:02 AM

I'm so buying the Safety Kids for Noah!! And, if I can find Pinwheel and Today's Special on DVD, heck even VHS, I'd be SOOO stoked!

  ladybugs and lace

5:27 PM

I remember!!!