the district....

with illyas new job, he only gets sundays off. the rest of the 6 days are pretty hectic. we really only see each other about an hour in the mornings, and maybe 2 in the evenings...if we're lucky! some days, we don't see each other for more than 30 minutes. every sunday night, when we go to bed, i tell him,
"today was great. i'll see ya' next sunday!"
we're not use to this schedule at all, so, when his day off finally does roll around, we really try to make it as fun as possible for us. the last several weekends have been cold and rainy. but, we did sneak in one sunday with beautiful weather. as soon as we woke up and saw clear blue skies, we both knew we'd be hitting dc. the great thing about our apartments we moved into is that the metro line is just 4 blocks away. so, of course, we jumped at the chance to not have to drive in downtown traffic/try to find overpriced parking and opted for the subway instead. when we walked out of the metro, here is what we saw....

the smiles on our faces say it all...we love our president!

this was hysterical to me. it's an actual segway riding tour. most of the people in the group were in their 60', i guess it's a good way to see dc without fracturing a hip! =)

we saw this several times while walking around. there were about 6 police cars escorting about 20 officers riding their bikes. i have no clue why they were doing this, so your guess is as good as mine!

illya & the jefferson momentum

sarah & the capital

the original smithsonian.

we loved checking out several of the smithsonian. for me though, i loved the architecture of the buildings the most.

these were gloves & helmets worn in the 1980 olympic games where u.s. beat the soviets for gold. disney did a movie about them,"miracle on ice." since illya is a HUGE hockey fan, he thought this was pretty cool.

so, illya, i had fun with you touring dc
...i'll see ya' next sunday!



2:15 PM

Love the pictures, as usual. I'm jealous there isn't anything cool like that to check out in! Oh well, good excuse for a vacation.


2:16 PM

awesome pics! I love your camera! plus you had a good eye for photos. So have you gotten to check out your new ward yet? Are there a lot of members out there?

  The Paxton Family

4:04 PM

I seem to remember a picture last year of you flipping off the white house....oh how times change! I love DC though, so much to do, and all for free! What could be better? Jordan and I did have a bit of trouble in the museum of american indians or what ever that smithsonian is called. Apparently they DON'T have a section on john wayne OR gen custard because they DON'T think of them as American heros from an Indian stand point. *sigh* oh well! Jordan also got in trouble for pointing out that most of the stuff in that museum has been made in the last 100 years, so not very historical at all1 hehehe. But I love the other museums! Miss you!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

4:21 PM

Those pictures are awesome!!!! I am also a hockey fan so the gloves and helmet would be pretty exciting to see!!!!!! What a fun day, thanks for sharing!!!!


4:27 PM

the pics of the white house.....what a change from last years pics. hmmmm...

really to look at your pics it makes me a little sad not to be there. but only a VERY LITTLE and only for a SEC. (the one where i'm outside in 100' weather) :(

  The Youngs

11:33 PM

I love ur picts they are so awesome!


12:59 AM

I have been trying to leave a comment and it hasnt been letting me! so annoying! I have always wanted to go DC.. One day! you have some great pics.. I love how you photo shop everything.. you are so lucky to be able to travel the country with your husbands job!!!! Take full advantage!

  Piter and Heidi

9:09 PM

Do you at least get to go to church every now and then? I am however grateful for the new White House picture...

  The Paxton Family

6:20 PM

so i've decided that in order to keep me entertained you have to start breaking up your blog. some pictures today, some tomorrow....and so on. that way i have something new to look at everyday as i perouse the internet trying to find something to occupy my time between phone calls and avoiding work and chasing makayla. so....there you have it. more blogs please!


12:00 AM

Someone's getting skinny!!!