home sweet home...

could this be?? two posts in one day? yes, you no longer have to sit & watch the clock waiting for the happenings in the plaksey household. now, you get 2 for the price of 1! so, enjoy the extra reads and even more pictures!...

first up, our new home.

our apartments are all around and also sit above these trendy shops in the
rockville town square

now, i'll be honest, being surrounded by parking lots and shoppers didn't sound too appealing to me at first. but, i must admit, i love having everything at my fingertips! there's a library, a movie theater, restaurants, clothing stores, all within a minutes walk from our front door. speaking of...
isn't it cute? here's the door to our apartment building
(maybe it's the child in me, but it reminds me of a doorway you'd see on sesame street!)

now, i'll be honest again...i wasn't expecting for our apartment to be SOOO small. illya saw it first and warned me before i walked in,"it's tiny, sarah." don't get me wrong, i think it's adorable. but, let's just say we've had to get very creative with our storage because of the lack of room. i think the part that is the hardest for me is that there's no patio, no balcony, nothin'! it kinda' makes me feel claustrophobic at times, but i'm getting use to it.

but, what it's lacking in space, it makes up for with character big time!! granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors...

...oh, speaking of hardwood floors, lucy hates them
(actually, this poor dog is having a hard time adjusting to a lot of things here; the noise, all the people everywhere, no really private place for her to do her..."business").
the texture of the hardwood floors is something that is very foreign to her and something she doesn't like. so to void them, she's either hiding under things...

...laying by me on the couch...

...or sleeping on the bathmat, waiting for me to get out of the tub.

but, that's just something she'll have to learn to live with because i LOVE the floors. i also love the lighting! look at the cool lights above the dining room and also above the bar? even the foyer light is amazing.

now, when i first walked in and saw the massive windows, i was in love. i also could see the cute and charming little neighborhood across the street...

...and then i looked down and saw the rest of our view
(a pay 'n' park & a gas station).
not the most ideal, but hey! i can live with that
(it beats the other view we have which is a 5 story parking garage which looks directly into our living room).
we also realized, very quickly, that these huge, beautiful windows have no blinds, no shades, nothing
(who does that?!).
for the first couple of days, we went the ghetto route and used a blanket in the smaller window, so, at least those parking their cars couldn't see into our apartment. but, the blanket wouldn't cut it for long.

the problem is, we found out that covering these monsters would cost well over $150 bucks with regular curtains & curtain rods. so, what's a cheap girl to do?...

...why, go back to that old designers trick and use shower tension rods & flat sheets, of course! all for the low, low price of 32 dollars. not too shabby. and hey! at least we can go back to walking around the house naked...just kidding (...or am i?)

so, i hope you enjoyed the tour of our new abode.
please enjoy our complimentary 2nd post below *
cheesy smile*...



3:44 PM

The new place looks so classy and charming. Glad you're enjoying your new digs.

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

6:50 PM

That is seriously a CUTE apartment!!! And it TOTALLY looks like something you would see on Sesame Street - TOO fun!!!!! Good job on the curtains! It looks fine in the pic and the price was good too, good idea!!!!!!!!!!

  Piter and Heidi

6:10 AM

This is great...I guess Lucy is slidding around on the floors? They never get used to that=( I love the look of it all but then again I grew up on Sesame Street! Where are you going to go swimming this year?


11:33 AM

Such a cute apartment! We just got back. Sorry for not being able to see you, we didn't have much time to do all we wanted. I love, love that area now! It's so pretty and I love seeing all the old buildings all around us! Jason was in History Heaven!


1:41 PM

I love your cute apartment! And I love the laminate/wood floors! Lucy will get used to them, it's all Lilo, Stitch and Tiki walk on all day! My parents think I am crazy for liking them so much! Hope you guys have fun over there!


12:58 PM

wow your new place look very cool! hope you guys love it there. How long will you be out in MD again? Good idea bout the curtains for the windows! Nice!

  The Paxton Family

10:40 AM

Seriously pretty floors! That is so cool that you can walk to everything, makes things a lot easier when you don't have a car!


12:10 PM

heidi, even though we are in the middle of a shopping complex, the apartments still have 2 secure, outside pools. they're not open, yet. but, oh! i am counting down the days!

allyson, i think it's your mom and dad who are crazy. i LOVE these floors!!

larabeth, totally understood! i'm just glad you guys enjoyed your anniversary trip. there are a MILLION things to see here!

stacie, we'll be here for the summer. we'll leave either the end of august or september.

  Thompson Family

5:36 PM

very cute place Sarah. I have heard from so many that the NE is so pretty and it looks like it. It is probably going to be added to my vacation list.... Who knows when it will get checked off but thanks for the pics.............BTW, i updated my blog just for you