lucy goes for a walk....

soon after getting here, we had a beautiful day. so, lucy and i decided to go for a walk to get more acquainted with rockville, maryland
(okay, it was more my idea).
i brought the camera along to get some shot of this cute, quint, but modern town.

here's the maryland state flag
(don't ask me what it all symbolizes...i have no idea!)

lucy walking the catwalk...

"the old courthouse" was built in the 1800's and is still being used to this day.

an old church two blocks down from us
(also built in the 1800's)

"the new courthouse", right next door to the old one.

and this picture cracks me up. i tried getting lucy to sit in front of the tulips for me to take a shot. but, every time i got down to her level, she'd tried to crawl in my lap. so, after several minutes of trying, here's the one and only shot that "came out".


  The Paxton Family

7:51 PM

yeah that maryland state flag is EVERYwhere, it's like texas or something (flag wise) happy to see you enjoying the atmosphere this summer! You know if you get bored, I'm just a scant week + walk away! hehehe.


8:55 PM

Oh my gosh! they're freakin' everywhere!! and yes, i would love to walk to you guys. not only to see you, but i'd be one skinny skank by the time i got there! how cool would it be, though, if you guys were in baltimore or phylly? we would totally come see you guys on sundays! it's a shame you are so far away =(