it's for real this time!...

happy 29th birthday, my dear illya!



2:20 AM

Oh you are gonna make some CUTE babies, Sarah Beara! ...someday ;o)

  Melissa (Murdoch) McKinley

11:38 PM

happy birthday! sarah, i have no idea what building i am in!?! the one between noodles & starbucks i guess?? what about you?


11:17 AM

krystal, i've always said that both of us were very cute babies, so we can carry our kids looks until they hit 7 or 8...then they're on their own! =)

melissa, you must be building 37. we are in the building above the ice cream place (a few doors down from "5 guys burgers"). don't ask me our building number, though. i have no idea! =)