happy fake birthday to you, happy fake birthday to you...

i felt bad that illyas birthday will be a few weeks after we get to our new home in maryland and that all of his friends & family will be on the other side of the country. so, i decided to throw him an early birthday party. he picked "macaroni grill" for his dinner
(well, i nudged him a little towards that decision).

here are just a FEW shots of that night...

here's illya opening his presents.....

i don't know what patrick is praying for in the background, but i loved the effect!

i am in love with this shot i was able to capture of my sister, misty, with our nephew everett
(maybe i love it because i was able to get a picture of him sitting still for more than 2 seconds! that boy's a mover!)

geoffs face cracks me up in this picture!!

illya was trying to guard his cake from all the vultures swooping around him, but....

...heather was able to snag a piece while he wasn't looking...good for you, heather!

so, my dear illyusha, i know it wasn't on your exact birthday, but i still hope you enjoyed yourself.
love you, my birthday boy!



3:12 AM

so sweet to think ahead and be able to spend a fake day with loved ones.


8:30 PM

I love those pics! What was Patrick praying about? And Kim's face is cute in the one that Geoff's is funny! The one with the sweet, hotty aunt holding her beautiful nephew is the greatest!

  Annie Brown

2:08 PM

Happy Birthday Illya! I hope you guys enjoy Maryland for the summer!

  Piter and Heidi

9:59 PM

Yay !!! I can comment now!!!! Happy Birthday next week Illya!!!!