one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...

right before we moved, my dad, illya & i decided to go to the beach. while we were there, we went to the oregon coast aquarium. if you are every in newport oregon, and you've never been to the aquarium, i'd highly recommend it!!

this seal was awesome! while the others were swimming circles around in the tank, this guy was just bobbing up & down in the same spot. we stayed there for about 10 minutes, and he never moved!....

...we went up to the upper observation deck, and we saw his other half sunbathing above the water.

here's my pappy & illya...they make a cute couple, don't they? =)

at the aquarium, they have a shark tank, where you can walk through the glass tunnels and have the fish & sharks swimming all around you
(...the halibut looked delicious!)

but, my favorite had to be the jellyfish!...

this puffin & i became good friends. i started snapping shots of him while he was swimming & grooming himself. once he realized i was there, he struck a pose & didn't move
( off).


  Piter and Heidi

10:02 PM

I absolutely love aquariums and have been told that Atlanta Georgia has one of the best. Although I must say I really enjoyed the one at Corpus Christi and love your pictures too!!!


10:29 PM

really you LOOOOOOVE comments? Yeah me too. So why dont you leave one or a hundred...

Cute pics. I miss the coast. I miss Oregon. I miss home.

One day, one day my friend.


12:39 PM

Beautiful pictures. I think I had the same title for a post I did about aquariums last year, gotta love Dr. Seuss!!


7:08 PM

very great pics! i love that vivid one of the jelly fish.

be looking for a small package to arrive at your new abode soon! :) you will laugh (& cry because you miss me so much).

  Thompson Family

11:53 PM

you guys get the best pictures i have ever seen. Much better than me. Can you come live by me so my kids actually have some pictures of them growig up! LOL


12:39 AM

very cool. this will go on my "to go to" list.

awesome pics.

  Ty and Whit

1:54 PM

You are so cute! Ha I love all your stories! Glad you made there safe!