will work for comments...

so, i admit, i love reading blogs! i love being able to hop online and catch up on my friends & families news. but, i am also one of those crazies that love to blog hop as well. i'm sure if you have one of those trackers on your blog, you'll say to yourself,
"who is this checking my blog out in portland oregon?? i don't know anyone there!"

...well, no need to be alarmed. that would be me. what can i say? i'm a blog stalker.

but, what i love the most are comments. no matter how little or big, it makes my heart giddy when i click on my blog and see that people have responded to one of my many posts. this need for love must come from my childhood, being the youngest in my family, starving for attention!

so, because of this, i comment all the time on other blogs. it doesn't matter if i just commented on your last post, or the post before that, or the post before that. if what you have to say peaks my interest, i have no problem clicking that "publish your comment" button!

but, for some reason, i think that as much as i love to comment on other blogs, others should love to comment on mine just as much! my heart breaks because, alas, this is not true. even my best friend reads my blog but never comments
(oh, yes, i'm calling you out, chair!)
she'll even tell me on the phone,"oh, your post you did the other day was funny." i'll tell her,"then post a comment!!" it's not enough that she calls me several times a week. i need that comment as well!!

my point in all of this? i became one certain blogs BIGGEST FAN awhile back. i posted comments all the time, but i never got any back. i didn't know if she even read my blog
(crazy! how could she not, right??)
so, i decided to test her to see if she even cared that i was reading or commenting.

...i guess she did ( daily classified ). so, now i feel bad because she really did know i was out there...and yet, still no comments back to me. no,
"great post, sarah!"
"you truly inspired me on that one, sarah. btw, you're looking mighty thin!"
i can't even get a
"leave me alone!! i don't know you!!"

the moral of the story is, if my want my love and devotion, it's yours
...all you have to do is
comment =)

(PS this is my 101st post! now that's something to comment about!)


  The Youngs

12:21 AM

Yay! I am comment #1 on here! I do look at ur blog when u update it- sorry I dont comment. Please forgive me- and u are welcome to add my blog to urs and post comments too. Im the youngest too and love comments lol!


12:22 AM

YOu are so funny, I am leaving a comment, because sometimes i just forget, you know with three rugrats at my feet! So you were in Seattle... shoulda called, I live pretty close in Tacoma! It would have been totally fun to see you! Maybe next time!


1:30 AM

THAT may teach some people to look and not speak up. (i'm referring to daily classified) hehe

hmmmm.....i guess it really works both ways.

hope you weren't too late to retain your #1 biggest fan status! my prayers are with you!!!

  Melissa (Murdoch) McKinley

11:23 AM

you are so cute! i am guilty of reading and not commenting! i don't know why? but i love your blog and think you're so funny! my blog is private now so send me your email address! lissamurdoch@hotmail.com

  Stacy Hanna

11:49 AM

I totally know how you feel!! I know I have a sister and brother who look at my blog but don't leave things, (like you said when I am talking to them they mention stuff on my blog!) I hope you get many comments on this one!!

PS...My favorite thing about your blog is the artistic pictures!! They are quite AMAZING!!! Oh yeah, are you guys doing APX again??


1:21 PM

I will do my best to comment more often. I always enjoy reading your posts, and your pictures are awesome!!

  Annie Brown

4:41 PM

oh my gosh! That is so funny! I notcied your commet on my "potty" post and I though 'Ishould comment on the Plaksey blog more often!' So I wrote a little something about your anniversary post and then I saw this post! Ha ha! You are SO hilarious! I feel the same weay. Well I don't look at random blogs, but I like comments too. My favorite thing is my ticker. I love seeing that random people from Belgium actually look at my blog! It's cool. My biggest blog pet peeve is when people start blogs and then NEVER update them, and when they do it's some boring post about the weather. Come on people, a little effort here, I'm bored!


11:32 AM

WOW. Do I admit that I am "The Chair" that was called out on your blog?!?! Did you get all getty seeing that you have another comment? I must admit I know what you mean...

I vow to make more comments on your blog. Such as:

Gee Sare, your special spirit radiates out of your blog like a ray or sunshine on a grey, cloudy day.

Too much?



1:48 PM

hahaha! i love you all! you crack me up. and, my heart DID do a little happy leap when it saw all the comments. bless you!

vicki- you will be added lol

lisa- that sucks! i didn't know you were so close or i would've stopped by. we will have to get together the next time we run up to seattle. i would love to see you!

nat- no comments back from her yet. here's hoping! =)

melissa- YAY!! thank you for giving me your email so i can be added to your blog. when i saw you went private, i was a little bummed because i love reading your blog!

stacy & brit- thank you for loving the pictures! but, i have to give the credit to illya. he is an amazing photographer! oh, and stacy, we are going to DC with apx!! can't wait to see you there!

annie- i HATE when people don't update their blogs enough! i have a few friends that will take MONTHS to add new posts! don't you worry though, that'll never happen on the plaksey blog! =)

chair- no, not too much. not at all. it was just enough sucking up. love it. and, that is why we are friends. pah!

  The Paxton Family

7:49 PM

so we all know you commented on everyone's post here...but did you do the same on THEIR blogs? hmmm... Like everyone else I love reading your blog (even occasionally comment...) And hopefully with all the extra hours I'll have this summer I will get around to reading your...what was it hundreds and HUNDREDS of posts :-) until then, you'll just have to settle for my measley 4 posts :-( but not all of us where as technically savy as you until recently...oh wait, I'm still not, that's why my blog is the crappy background that blogspot offers. oh well, the pictures are still cute!
Miss you guys!


11:23 PM

all i have to say is i am way embarrassed. i do know exactly what you are talking about. and to expect a comment one must leave a comment. pie on my face. for sure!

*walks away, ashamed, with head hung low*


9:24 PM

Sarah I love reading your blog it's like catching up! Your are so funny I love reading about your adventures. We need to get together soon. Let me know when is a good day and I will come down for lunch or something.

  Thompson Family

1:50 PM

OK geez.... I must admit you have probably comment on every one of my posts and well i just dont do the same.
I cant promise that i will always do it but i will try...
Have you noticed that nobody wants the rath of Sarah on them.... HOLY CRAP we all get the point!!! HAHA very true statements and everybody wants to be shown some LOVE!!!!

Love ya girl! Now answer my phone calls when i call ya cause you know im a phone talker!!! I comment, you answer my calls! DEAL?

  Piter and Heidi

10:27 PM

I'm usually fortunate to take a moment to catch up on your blog...but sometimes I comment!


12:06 PM

I'm sorry I have to add myself to the list of people who rarely comment, but hope for comments on their own blog. Silly. So, I promise to try to comment more.

Also (not that it makes up for it) you've been hereby nominated for the Sisterhood Award. Check it out: