all the animals in the zoo...

first off, thank you all for posting a comment on our last post. i loved it! KEEP IT UP!

second, i forgot, with all my posting about seattle, to mention going to the seattle zoo. duh me! illya and i bought a yearly pass to the oregon zoo, and we now are able to visit a bajillion different other zoos around the nation for free (good deal!).

while we were there in seattle, we decided to take our pass to the zoo. and, we had so much fun.

there, they had a replica of an african village. it was so cool! there was a classroom, a grass hut, even a working water well.

illya was able to see a kangaroo for the first time (i, myself, have seen wild ones in australia...and, yes, i'm bragging!).

we saw a gorilla with her baby riding her back. it was so unreal!



12:25 AM

Those pics are incredible! So what's the deal are you moving to DC? I loved your last post about blog stalking. My name is Andrea and I am addicted to blog hopping! Anyway thought I'd make an honest women of myself and leave a comment=)


2:41 PM

well, hello andrea!! i love that i have found another blog hopper out there...or, is it that you found me? anyway, welcome! oh, we are moving to DC for my husbands job. happy packing!

  Stacy Hanna

7:12 PM

I love the mama and baby gorilla! You guys got some good weather the day you went to the zoo!!


9:00 PM

Looks like fun! So your moving!! Sad. I hope I have a chance to see you before you leave.


11:55 PM

I love the picture of the leopard sleeping on the tree. She looks so serene!

  Thompson Family

1:52 PM

your pictures are always amazing. I usually always remember to take my camera place i just some how always forget to use it... LOL and thats no joke!

  Piter and Heidi

10:24 PM

I love these pictures!!! Great job!