a little late, but worth it...

normally my birthday is no big deal. a little family get together, some cake, some presents, some fun and we call it a night. but, for some reason, this year felt really nice. after working a 12 hour shift and coming home at 8pm, i walked into the house with it being sparkling clean, dinner warm on the stove and a vase FULL of beautiful sunflowers. i was floored! i was able to open up a few gifts from my husband; silver earrings and a necklace with a four leaf clover hannging from it ("for my irish girl"), perfume from my ukrainian mama and a few extra gifts (hehe). the next day, since illya and i weren't working, he surprised me and took me & lucy to the beach for the day. we had no time to be home, no plans on where to go. it was relaxed and easy! that saturday, we met friends and family for dinner at the macaroni grill. good food, good music and good company.

thanks, everyone, for the cards, calls, texts, and gifts wishing me a happy birthday. this year was perfect!



12:52 PM

Sounds like an awesome day...happy belated birthday!!

  Adam and Dantzelle

7:07 PM

Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day! Yeah so we decided not to go to Thailand- with them taking over the international airport and stuff we decided it pry wasn't the best place to go at the time! Even though it might be ok in January we are going to tour SW China. So I am super excited!

  Meg & Cache

5:14 PM

Ya we thought it was funny that we didn't have any kids and dogs instead ha. that christmas tree farm looks like a lot of fun. the ones here don't look as good as those. and Cache went to Brazil on his mission. and i'm wishing you a late happy birthday too!