8 things you may not know....

i saw this thing on my friends blog and it seemed like it would be a lot of fun. so, get ready to have your mind blown away by finding out

8 secrets of the

1) illya and sarah love the opera/ballet. we are both really into music and the theatre and opera plays a big part. too bad it's so stankin' expensive or else we'd go every weekend, if we could!

2) sarah believes olives are the devils fruit. it's not natural to eat something BLACK!!

3) illya is obsessed with clothes (especially polo shirts). he was only able to bring 2 suitcases with him when he moved over here from the ukraine. but, he's made up for lost time, because his side of the closet is getting bigger and bigger!

4) between the 2 of them, illya and sarah have been to 15 countries (what can we say, we get around!)

5) both sarah and illya protested in kiev and kharkiv for ukraines "orange revolution", which was against the unfair voting done for the '04 elections...by the way, it worked. the real winner of the election was placed into office about a month later (TAK!)

6) both are democrats (who knew two mormons, living half way around the world, could find one another and fall in love while having the same political views, which is totally different from 90% of the church?! and some say there is no such things as miracles.)

7) both sarah and illya have gone to school (illya went to culinary art school and sarah went through to get her CNA), but both will be going back to school to obtain the education they REALLY want (illya will be going into computers and sarah will be going to beauty school).

8) as you can see from #7, both are equally wishy-washy! (our poor future kids!!)